Monday, December 19, 2011

Thrifting Finds 12.19.11

Hey everyone!
I went to my local Goodwill today, it has been a while so I figured I would stop by. They had some nice pieces I found I wanted to share. I originally went to look for a blazer but there were not any that appealed to me. Check out your local thrift store, you can definitely find some nice pieces for a great price.

Leather belt with animals on it- $1.69

Taupe belt- $1.69

Yom Yom Coral Capris Sz 5/27- $3.99

Old Navy Coral Crochet Tunic Sz S- $3.89

One Star Lace Tank Sz S- $1.95

Hollister Brown Top Sz Unknown- $1.95

Eyeshadow Stripped Tank Sz S- $3.89

Intuitions Red Top Size M- $3.89

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Thrifting Finds 8.1.11

It was my first time going in a Goodwill in about 7 years, the one near me has definitely changed. I purchased a lot for my first time shopping from there, but I found some great pieces and plan on going back once a month or so.


Leather Belt Size Large

Leather Belt Size Medium

Liz Claiborne Belt Size Large

Forever 21 Size 26

Guess Shorts Size 27

Hollister Shorts Size 1

Mossimo Supply Co. Size 3

Abercrombie and Fitch Shirt Size Medium

Forever 21 V Neck Size Medium

One Star Lace Tank Size Small

City Streets Blazer Size Medium

Fringed Poncho

Gap Sweater Cropped

Lauren Conrad Size Large

Claude Bennett Size 6

Condor Size 7/8

Express Size Extra Small

Gap Size Small

Kate Hill Petite

Liz Claiborne Size Extra Large
(Gave to my mom, it was a bit too big to belt and roll up the sleeves)

Style & Co. Size 8

Tramp Size Small

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Updated Nail Polish Collection as of June 2011

Pictures of my nail polish, swatches and the containers I store them in.

Black Nail Polishes
Nail Polishes from left to right: 
ROW 1 E.l.f.: Metal Madness, Sinful Colors: Secret Admirer, Revlon Top Speed: Black Star, 
ROW 2 N.Y.C.: Black Lace Creme, and OPI mini: name unknown.

 Storage for my blue and purple nail polishes.

Blue Nail Polishes
Nail Polishes from left to right:
ROW 1 Pure Ice: A List, N.Y.C.: Cashmere Creme, China Glaze: Sea Spray, OPI: What's with the cattitude?, OPI: No Room for the Blues, Wet n Wild: Rain Check, Essie: Coat Azure, 
ROW 2 China Glaze: For Audrey, Sinful Colors: Savage, Sally Girl: no name, Wet n Wild: Bijou Blue, Sinful Colors: Why Not?, OPI: Sea? I Told You!, Sally Hansen: Calypso Blue, 
ROW 3 Ulta: Alter Ego, Forever 21: Blue(scented), N.Y.C.: Skin Tight Denim Creme, Sinful Colors: Midnight Blue, Sinful Colors: Hot Spot, Sinful Colors: What S Your Name?, E.l.f.: Dark Navy.

Brown Nail Polishes
Nail Polishes from left to right
ROW 1 Heaven: Mahogany, E.l.f: Chocolate, E.lf.: Smoky Brown, Sinful Colors: Nirvana, Revlon Top ROW 2 Speed: Stormy, N.Y.C.: Park Ave, China Glaze: Below Deck

Storage for my crackle nail polishes.

Crackle Nail Polishes
Nail Polishes from left to right:
ROW 1 China Glaze: Black Mesh, China Glaze: Lightening Bolts, China Glaze: Cracked Concrete, China Glaze: Crushed Candy, China Glaze: Broken Hearted, China Glaze: Fault Line,
ROW 2 Sally Hansen: Antiqued Gold, Sally Hansen: Distressed Denim, OPI: Silver Shatter

Glitter Nail Polishes
Nail Polishes from left to right:
N.Y.C.: Starry Silver Glitter, E.l.f.: Gold Goddess, Sinful Colors: Pink Glitter, Sinful Colors: Nail Junkie

Gold Nail Polishes
Nail Polishes from left to right:
ROW 1 E.l.f.: Blush, E.l.f.: Copper, Forever 21: Gold(scented),
ROW 2 Orly: Rage, Ulta: Lotsa Luxe

Green Nail Polishes
Nail Polishes from left to right:
ROW 1 Sinful Colors: Innocent, Revlon Top Speed: Jaded, E.l.f.: Mint Cream, Forever 21: Mint, Essie: Sew Psyched, 
ROW 2 Sinful Colors: Happy Ending, Sinful Colors : HD Nails, N.Y.C.: Big Money Frost, Sinful Colors: Mint Apple, Sinful Colors: Rise and Shine, 
ROW 3 E.l.f.: Teal Blue, Sinful Colors: Gorgeous, Sinful Colors: Last Chance

Nude Nail Polishes
Nail Polishes from left to right:
ROW 1 Sinful Colors: Social Ladder, Ulta: Babydoll, E.l.f.: Innocent, Ulta: Freshwater Pearl, Loreal: Sand Castle
ROW 2 E.l.f.: Desert Haze, Forever 21: Taupe, Forever 21: Taupe, Forever 21: Mauve, OPI: Barefoot in Barcelona

Orange Nail Polishes
Nail Polishes from left to right:
ROW 1 Forever 21: Peach(scented), Wet n Wild: Blazed, Sinful Colors: Hazard,
ROW 2 OPI mini: name unknown, N.Y.C.: Time Square Tangerine Creme, Unknown

Storage for my Yellow, Orange, Pink and Green Nail Polishes.

Pink Nail Polishes:
Nail Polishes from left to right:
ROW 1 Wet n Wild: Sparked, Sinful Colors: Glass Pink, Essie: French Affair, Wet n Wild: Tickled Pink, Revlon Top Speed: Pink Lingerie, 
ROW 2 Sinful Colors: Soul Mater, Sinful Colors: Vacation Time, E.l.f.: Coral, E.l.f.: Gum Pink, Sinful Colors: Pink Forever, 
ROW 3 Forever 21: Bubble Gum(Scented), Sally Hansen: Ruby Sequins, Wet n Wild: Dreamy Poppy, Sinful Colors: 24/7

Purple Nail Polishes
Nail Polishes from left to right:
ROW 1 Essie: Lilacism, OPI: Rumples Wiggin', E.l.f.: Lilac, Forever 21: Lavender, Forever 21: Orchid, Pure Ice: New Lilac, Sinful Colors: Purple Diamond,
ROW 2 Wet n Wild: Wild Card/ Invitation, E.l.f.: Mod Mauve, E.l.f.: Punk Purple, Revlon Top Speed: Violet, E.l.f.: Purple Dream, Sally Girl: name unknown, Revlon Top Speed: Sugar Plum
ROW 3 Revlon: Perplex, Sinful Colors: Fiji, E.l.f.: Party Purple, OPI: Merry Midnight, Forever 21: Wine, Revlon Top Speed: Grape, Ulta: Devious,
ROW 4 Forever 21: Dark Purple, E.l.f.: Royal Purple, E.l.f.: Plum, E.l.f.: Dark Glitter Purple, Sinful Colors: I Love You, OPI: Linken Park After Dark

Red Nail Polishes
Nail Polishes from left to right: 
ROW 1 Sinful Colors: Dancing Nails, Elizabeth Arden: Perfect Red, E.l.f.: Fuchsia, Ulta: Razzberry
ROW 2 Revlon Top Speed: Vintage, N.Y.C.: Downtown, E.l.f.: Cranberry, E.l.f.: Dark Red

Silver and Gray Nail Polishes
Nail Polishes from left to right:
ROW 1 Sinful Colors: Out of this World, Pure Ice: Silver Mercedes, China Glaze: Pelican Gray, 
ROW 2 Pure Ice: Kiss Me Here, Ulta: Smoke Screen

Yellow and Orange Swatches

1 Sinful Colors- Unicorn
2 Claire’s- Shimmery Yellow
3 Sally Hansen- Mellow Yellow
4 Forever 21- Scented Peach
5 Wet n Wild- Blazed
6 Sinful Colors- Hazard
7 Brand Unknown- Frosty Orange
8 OPI- Mini Orange
9 N.Y.C.- Time Square Tangerine Crème

White and Nude Swatches

 19 Wet n Wild- French White Crème
20 E.l.f.- Pearl
21 Essie- Ballet Slippers
22 Sinful Colors- Social Ladder
23 E.l.f.- Moonlight
24 E.l.f.- Desert Haze
25 Ulta- Babydoll
26 E.l.f.- Innocent
27 Forever 21- Taupe 84650326011
28 Forever 21- Taupe 00012226011
29 Ulta- Freshwater Pearl
30 Loreal- Sand Castle
31 Forever 21- Mauve
32 OPI- Barefoot in Barcelona

Gold, Silver, Gray, and Black Swatches

37 Ulta- Lotsa Luxe
38 Forever 21- Gold Caramel Scented
39 E.l.f.- Blush
40 E.l.f.- Copper
41 Orly- Rage
42 Sinful Colors- Out of this World
43 Pure Ice- Silver Mercedes
44 China Glaze- Pelican Gray
45 Pure Ice- Kiss Me Here
46 Ulta- Smoke Screen
47 E.l.f.- Metal Madness
48 Revlon Top Speed- Black Star
49 N.Y.C.- Black Lace Crème
50 OPI- Mini Black
51 Sinful Colors- Secret Admirer

Brown and Red Swatches

55 Heaven- Mahogany
56 E.l.f.- Chocolate
57 Revlon Top Speed- Stormy
58 N.Y.C.- Park Avenue
59 China Glaze- Below Deck
60 Sinful- Nirvana
61 E.l.f.- Smoky Brown
62 Sinful Colors- Dancing Nails
63 Elizabeth Arden- Perfect Red
64 E.l.f.- Fuchsia
65 Ulta- Razzberry
66 Revlon Top Speed- Vintage
67 N.Y.C.- Downtown
68 E.l.f.- Cranberry
69 E.l.f.- Dark Red

Pink Swatches

73 Sinful Colors- Glass Pink
74 Essie- French Affair
75 Revlon Top Speed- Pink Lingerie
76 Sinful Colors- Soul Mate
77 Sinful Colors- Vacation Time
78 E.l.f.- Coral
79 Wet n Wild- Sparked
80 Sinful Colors- Pink Forever
81 E.l.f.- Gum Pink
82 Sally Hansen- Ruby Sequins
83 Forever 21- Bubble Gum Scented
84 Wet n Wild- Dreamy Poppy
85 Sinful Colors- 24/7

Green Swatches

91 Sinful Colors- Innocent
92 Revlon Top Speed- Jaded
93 E.l.f.- Mint Cream
94 Forever 21- Mint
95 Sinful Colors- Mint Apple
96 Essie- Sew Psyched
97 Sinful Colors- Happy Ending
98 N.Y.C.- Big Money Frost
99 Sinful Colors- HD Nails
100 E.l.f.- Teal Blue
101 Sinful Colors- Rise and Shine
102 Sinful Colors- Gorgeous
103 Sinful Colors- Last Chance

Blue Swatches

109 Pure Ice- A List
110 China Glaze- Sea Spray
111 N.Y.C.- Cashmere Crème
112 OPI- What’s with the Cattitude?
113 China Glaze- For Audrey
114 Wet n Wild- Rain Check
115 Essie- Coat Azure
116 Sinful Colors- Savage(Matte)
117 Sally Girl- Teal
118 Ulta- Alter Ego
119 OPI- No Room For The Blues
120 OPI- Sea?I Told You!
121 Sinful Colors- Why Not
122 Sally Hansen- Calypso Blue
123Wet n Wild- Bijou Blue
124 Forever 21- Blue Blueberry Scented
125 Sinful Colors- Midnight Blue
126 N.Y.C.- Skin Tight Denim Crème

Purple Swatches

127 Essie- Lilacism
128 OPI- Rumples Wiggin
129 E.l.f.- Lilac
130 Forever 21- Lavender
131 Forever 21- Orchid
132 Pure Ice- New Lilac
133 Revlon- Perplex
134 Sinful Colors- Purple Diamond
135 Revlon Top Speed- Violet
136 Wet n Wild- Wild Card/Invitation
137 E.l.f.- Purple Dream
138 Sally Girl- Purple
139 Revlon Top Speed- Grape
140 Sinful Colors- Fiji
141 E.l.f.- Royal Purple
142 Sinful Colors- I Love You
143 E.l.f.- Mod Mauve
144 E.l.f.- Punk Purple

Dark Purple and Dark Blue Swatches

145 Revlon Top Speed- Sugar Plum
146 Forever 21- Wine
147 E.l.f.- Plum
148 E.l.f.- Party Purple
149 E.l.f.- Dark Glitter Purple
150 Ulta- Devious
151 Forever 21- Dark Purple
152 OPI- Merry Midnight
153 OPI- Linkin Park After Dark
154 Sinful Colors- Hot Spot
155 Sinful Colors- What S Your Name?
156 E.l.f.- Dark Navy

Crackle and Glitter Swatches

163 China Glaze- Black Mesh
164 China Glaze- Cracked Concrete
165 Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat- Antiqued Gold
166 OPI- Silver Shatter
167 China Glaze- Lightening Bolt
168 China Glaze- Crushed Candy
169 China Glaze- Broken Hearted
171 China Glaze- Fault Line
172 Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat- Distressed Denim
173 Sinful Colors- Pink Glitter WITH Sinful Colors- Pink Forever Base
174 Sinful Colors- Nail Junkie WITH Sinful Colors- Rise and Shine Base
175 E.l.f.- Golden Goddess WITH Ulta- Lotsa Luxe Base
176 N.Y.C.- Starry Silver Glitter WITH Forever 21- Blue Base

Storage for Clear Coats, Nail Art Pens, White, Nude, Black, Silver, Gold, Gray, and Brown Nail Polishes

White Nail Polishes
Nail Polishes from left to right:
 Wet n Wild: French White Creme, E.l.f.: Pearl, Essie: Ballet Slippers, E.l.f.: Moonlight

Yellow Nail Polishes
Nail Polishes from left to right:
Sinful Colors: Unicorn, Claire's: name unknown, Sally Hansen: Mellow Yellow

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Luxy Hair Extensions Dirty Blonde

Video is on my youtube:)


I know I went picture crazy, lol. But I LOVE them:)

I just got them layered, here is a few more pictures.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Recent Paintings:)

The feathers were all cut out of construction paper. I glued them on with matte medium, one by one lol. It took forever.

This painting was done without a brush, only with a palette knife.

This one is a sketch for my next painting.

Tell me what you think:) All criticism is welcomed as long as it is constructive.

Friday, February 11, 2011

NYX Nude on Nude s119 Palette

I purchased the s119 palette and it is suppose to be comparable to the Urban Decay Naked palette which is $48 and sold out everywhere. This palette I purchased off Ebay for $22.50, but it sells for $25 on I do not have the Urban Decay palette so I cannot compare them, but I do have swatches of this one. The palette came with 20 eyeshadows and 10 lip glosses. Also I got a free gift of a NYX jumbo eyeliner/shadow pencil. I'll have a full review once I get to try them out.

Here's an overview of the entire palette
Bottom row of shadows, they were more pigmented in person, sadly my lighting isn't the best

Top row of shadows, also more pigmented in person
Lipgloss swatch

Another lipgloss swatch, I couldn't get these to photograph well
They lip gloss consistency was so so, but I didn't buy it for the glosses

Nyx eyeliner/ eyeshadow pencil in black and baby green

Swatches, sorry they are a bit too blurry, but it was the only way to get
the true color. I was surprised how pigmented the eyeliner and shadow were.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Forever 21 Haul

A pretty big haul from Forever 21 totally $91.80 before tax. Hopefully this will be my last big haul, minus my e.l.f. one coming up in a week or so. I'm trying to be more cautious about my spending and also there is something I want to save up for. I'm looking into possibly getting hair extensions, but I am not 100% sure yet. Either way I ran out of space 2-3 storage cases ago lol, so I'd have to do major cleaning if I want to buy much of anything.

Here we go:)
Stretch knit shorts in gray: $3.80
I have a pair currently in navy and they are great to wear under skirts or dresses and also to exercise in.

Fishnet socks: $3.80

Sunglasses: Peach and Gray $1.50 each
Great price:)
Lace Headbands: Cream and Mint Set $2.50

Lace Headbands: Cream and Peach Set $2.50

Lace Headbands: Blue(looks super light but it's more of a sky blue) and Black Set $2.50

Floral hair pins: Cream and Black $1.50 each

Mesh Flower Clips: Peach(looks hot pink) and Gray Set $2.50
Teal and Taupe set $2.50
Floral clips are perfect for spring and summer
and they don't mess up your hair:)
Bow Set: $2.80 Cream, Pink, and Black
 Rose Set: White, Mint, and Peach 1.50

(left to right row 1) Cream Floral Earrings: $1.50, Pink pearlish earrings: $1.50,
 Flower rose stud earrings: 2.80
(left to right row 2) Owl earrings: $1.50 Black flowers with pearl center: $1.50

Floral hoops: $2.80 Peacock Hoops: $2.80

Feather earrings: black and brown $1.50 each
For some reason the brown feather is a lot slimmer.

Teardrop Shell Earrings: $1.50

Teal(a little lighter than the other one) drop earrings: $1.50 
Teal stone and leaf earrings $1.50
Feather necklace: $3.80 The knot is suppose to be there. 
It only looks strange because I undid the original knot thinking
that it was not suppose to be there, until I undid it and saw the feathers
were no longer connected, lol.

Owl watch/clock necklace: $2.80 
It's soooo super adorable, I love owl jewelry 
The watch/clock part is not real

Camera Necklace: $3.80

Anchor necklace: $1.50 

Feminine Charm necklace: $1.50
This necklace is very beautiful and delicate, one of my favorite inexpensive purchases

Cream flower necklace: $1.50

Love necklace: $1.50

Pink guitar necklace: $1.50

I <3 necklace: $1.50

Cupcake necklace:$1.50
Leaf necklace: $1.50

Rose cutout necklace: $1.50

Cell phone necklace: $1.50

Flower ring: $1.50

Ram ring: $3.80
Very nice detail in this piece

Forever 21 definitely has amazing inexpensive jewelry. About 80% of my collection is from there, maybe more, lol. I just can't help myself.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Collective Haul

Just a little haul. These items were purchased two separate days, at three different stores.

First store is Charlotte Russe:
This bracelet is originally $6 but their jewelry is mostly 2 for $8
Super cute spring-ish bohemian charms. The bird is so cute:) and the little rose.

Snake ring is originally $6 but also 2 for $8. The band is stretchy, surprisingly it fits well on my middle finger. Most stretchy rings are even too big for my thumb.
I have bones for fingers.

Next store is Wet Seal:
Lace Bandeau: $6.50
Super cute, it's a tad bit tight if I wear a bra with it. 
I went into Wet Seal for sandals but I didn't like any of their current ones.

Last store is Ulta
China Glaze: Below Deck, Sea Spray, and Pelican Gray.
All very pretty colors from the Anchor Away collection.
They were $6.50 a piece which is a bit pricey, but my Sally's did not carry them, sadly.
I actually went in there looking for the black shatter polish by OPI 
but it was sold out, it's sold out everywhere.

Polish and their swatches.

Closer swatches. 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Painting Number 2

I am starting to really enjoy my painting class.
Here is the reference I used: (photo taken by me)

After the 1st day of working on it:

After the 2nd day of working on it:
I need to darken the black in some areas, but I am pretty much done.

I like how it is coming along:) Tell me what you think.