Thursday, August 1, 2013

August Budget Blog

Well last month I did it. I set my mind to actually keeping my $100 monthly goal and not only did I keep on budget, but I spent less than budget. I did make a decent amount of returns, but it was because things did not fit that I purchased online. This month is going to be $100 budget again. After a few months of keeping my $100 budget with no problems, I will then deduct $5 a month till I am at a sensible amount. Also I would like to completely get rid of my shopaholic tendencies.

I went a bit over, but still not too bad. It is going to take more discipline and adjustment to get into the habit of shopping less. It is very difficult when you work at a clothing store.

Budget Spent: $109.21
Budget Left: -$9.21
Days Left Until End Of Month: 0

August 1st, 2013:
Ebay- Mossimo Navy and White Striped Skirt size small $8 I went into Target today, because I noticed at a different Target the skirts went on clearance. They were sold out of all the styles available in a size small. I found this one on ebay for $6 with $2 shipping which is a lot less than the clearance price tag of $16 that Target has them for. Online Target still has them at full price $22.

August 4th, 2013:
Kohls- Lauren Conrad Floral Dress size 4 $16.32 I tried on about 30 items and ended up buying three things. One I did not try on and it was too big so I returned it, the other item I changed my mind on, but I loved this dress so even though the clearance price of $24 was more than I usually spend I still got it. I do have another lauren conrad floral dress (very different from this one) that I got with all my discounts for over $20 so I do sometimes make exceptions if I love something. I wore this the same day and have a picture on instagram. I am realizing now that I am getting pickier in the fitting room, which is good. So I still try on a lot, but don't feel the need to buy a ton. 

August 5th, 2013:
Kohls- Candie's Rose gold lacey scarf $1.98 This I have actually looked at a few times and never tried it on, but I tried it on today and it was only marked $2.60 on clearance so I decided to get it. I tried on more things today as well, but this was all I bought. I feel more confident in my shopping than I use to. I am buying things I love over just buying things that are cheap. Even though this was inexpensive.

August 7th, 2013:
Walmart- White scarf with black birds $4.97 I have been looking for a black and white bird print scarf for a while and this one is perfect and light weight. I have a pink scarf with a smaller bird print, but I really love this one as well. Gray and Black Varsity Jacket size Small $15.90(prior to shipping, $22.21 with shipping)  I have been wanting a varsity jacket without any letters or writing on it for over a year now. All the ones I have seen have been $25-$45. I saw this one and once I saw one review posted decided it was okay to buy it. I am not going to include shipping cost as part of my budget. I would have drove to the store, but I am avoiding the mall with Forever 21 to keep my sanity, lol. After three months of keeping my budget I will let myself go to the actual Forever 21 store again. I need to be more secure with my shopping in my opinion before I can feel comfortable setting foot in the actual store. If this was not something I wanted for ages I would not of even considered spending the shipping. There has been many times things will sit in my cart on until there is a free shipping code, but I really love this jacket and could not risk it.

August 10th, 2013:
Kohls- Elle Capris size 2 $5.55 I have a pair of elle capris I have had for years I love so when I saw these for super cheap I picked these up. The other ones I have are a medium wash with rips these are dark wash no rips and where the cuff is there is a polkadot print which is super cute. They also fit very well. I have two pair of elle jeans, but I needed to get them in a 4, but for some reason in the capris the 2 fits me better.

August 14th, 2013: Xhiliration Moon Tee size small $6.83 I've wanted the brandy melville one forever, but it is just too expensive, this one was a cheaper alternative.

August 15th, 2013:
Kohls- Mudd Jeans Size 3 $5.79

August 20th, 2013:
Target- Mossimo Supply Company Olive Dress size medium $7, Fifth Sun Anchor Tee size medium $3, Fifth Sun Owl Tee size small $3 I went to Target to return some socks, but it was a different Target than I usually go to. I don't have many graphic tees, in my opinion. I have been wanting an olive dress but haven't seen one I loved before. This one looked great on. It is a little big in the waist, but looked great with a belt. 

August 21, 2013: Candie's Studded Sneakers size 9 $12.03 I purchased these prior, but I got my Kohls order in today and this is the only item I kept from that order. I still have two more items on the way. Love these sneakers they are awesome and very much my style. Also bought them during the extra associate discount weekend, so I got an unbelievable deal.

Record in next months haul:

August 26th, 2013:
Forever 21- Dark Gray Skinny Jeans size 26 $9.52 I bought a dark gray pair of jeans from H&M, but they didn't fit. I found these on clearance for $17.99 and Forever 21 has their clearance items right now for 50% and they fit me well.
Black long sleeve crop top with cut outs at the elbows size medium $9.32 I went into forever 21 for this item. It is s perfect, really wish they had white in stock too. They were almost all sold out. Only medium and large left and only in red or black :( I didn't get the red because I won't wear it as much.