Friday, February 11, 2011

NYX Nude on Nude s119 Palette

I purchased the s119 palette and it is suppose to be comparable to the Urban Decay Naked palette which is $48 and sold out everywhere. This palette I purchased off Ebay for $22.50, but it sells for $25 on I do not have the Urban Decay palette so I cannot compare them, but I do have swatches of this one. The palette came with 20 eyeshadows and 10 lip glosses. Also I got a free gift of a NYX jumbo eyeliner/shadow pencil. I'll have a full review once I get to try them out.

Here's an overview of the entire palette
Bottom row of shadows, they were more pigmented in person, sadly my lighting isn't the best

Top row of shadows, also more pigmented in person
Lipgloss swatch

Another lipgloss swatch, I couldn't get these to photograph well
They lip gloss consistency was so so, but I didn't buy it for the glosses

Nyx eyeliner/ eyeshadow pencil in black and baby green

Swatches, sorry they are a bit too blurry, but it was the only way to get
the true color. I was surprised how pigmented the eyeliner and shadow were.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Forever 21 Haul

A pretty big haul from Forever 21 totally $91.80 before tax. Hopefully this will be my last big haul, minus my e.l.f. one coming up in a week or so. I'm trying to be more cautious about my spending and also there is something I want to save up for. I'm looking into possibly getting hair extensions, but I am not 100% sure yet. Either way I ran out of space 2-3 storage cases ago lol, so I'd have to do major cleaning if I want to buy much of anything.

Here we go:)
Stretch knit shorts in gray: $3.80
I have a pair currently in navy and they are great to wear under skirts or dresses and also to exercise in.

Fishnet socks: $3.80

Sunglasses: Peach and Gray $1.50 each
Great price:)
Lace Headbands: Cream and Mint Set $2.50

Lace Headbands: Cream and Peach Set $2.50

Lace Headbands: Blue(looks super light but it's more of a sky blue) and Black Set $2.50

Floral hair pins: Cream and Black $1.50 each

Mesh Flower Clips: Peach(looks hot pink) and Gray Set $2.50
Teal and Taupe set $2.50
Floral clips are perfect for spring and summer
and they don't mess up your hair:)
Bow Set: $2.80 Cream, Pink, and Black
 Rose Set: White, Mint, and Peach 1.50

(left to right row 1) Cream Floral Earrings: $1.50, Pink pearlish earrings: $1.50,
 Flower rose stud earrings: 2.80
(left to right row 2) Owl earrings: $1.50 Black flowers with pearl center: $1.50

Floral hoops: $2.80 Peacock Hoops: $2.80

Feather earrings: black and brown $1.50 each
For some reason the brown feather is a lot slimmer.

Teardrop Shell Earrings: $1.50

Teal(a little lighter than the other one) drop earrings: $1.50 
Teal stone and leaf earrings $1.50
Feather necklace: $3.80 The knot is suppose to be there. 
It only looks strange because I undid the original knot thinking
that it was not suppose to be there, until I undid it and saw the feathers
were no longer connected, lol.

Owl watch/clock necklace: $2.80 
It's soooo super adorable, I love owl jewelry 
The watch/clock part is not real

Camera Necklace: $3.80

Anchor necklace: $1.50 

Feminine Charm necklace: $1.50
This necklace is very beautiful and delicate, one of my favorite inexpensive purchases

Cream flower necklace: $1.50

Love necklace: $1.50

Pink guitar necklace: $1.50

I <3 necklace: $1.50

Cupcake necklace:$1.50
Leaf necklace: $1.50

Rose cutout necklace: $1.50

Cell phone necklace: $1.50

Flower ring: $1.50

Ram ring: $3.80
Very nice detail in this piece

Forever 21 definitely has amazing inexpensive jewelry. About 80% of my collection is from there, maybe more, lol. I just can't help myself.