Saturday, January 15, 2011

Product Review: Split Ender


Well I recently purchased the Split Ender online at for $29.99 and today I used it on my hair for the first time.
Watch my video demonstrating how to use it at

I also have a before picture. You can see the split ends in the middle of the hair and at the end.

This is right afterwards. I will also have a picture of after I wash and straighten it as well. The right side is not damaged it is just turned upwards because of the indent from the hair tie. It looks like I just got a hair cut, but without losing the length. I know the lighting in this one is horrible, but it is a lot easier to have someone else take the picture.

Yes, all the split ends are not gone, but I think it is a whole lot healthier looking. Overtime I will have a lot less split ends. Due to over processing my hair, it became unmanageable. There are no miracles, only time and maintenance.

Have you tried the Split Ender? What did you think? Do you see results on my hair?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Current Obsession: Nail Polish

Here are swatches of my entire nail polish collection, currently I am at 136 different shades, not including top coats. Crazy...I know, but it is hard to stop. I am always looking for new and interesting colors.

List of all names :)

~Wheel 1~
-Revlon Top Speed
Jaded, Pink Lingerie, Violet, Vintage, Sugar Plum, Grape, Stormy, Black Star
Ballet Slippers
-China Glaze
For Audrey
I Pink I'm In Love, Sand Castle
-Forever 21(product codes included, because some different shades have the same name)
Blue(star sparkle) 00014654011
Bubble Gum(Scented) 55985436081
Mauve 00006267011
Gold(Caramel Scented) 00013623011
Orchid 83538088011
Wine 70348741021

~Wheel 2
-Wet n' Wild Wild Shine
French White Creme, Tickled Pink, Dreamy Poppy, Blazed, Red Red, Wild Card/Invitation, Eggplant Frost, Bijou Blue, Caribbean Frost, Casting Call/Rose Sage, Black Creme, Rain Check
-Sinful Colors
Pink Glitter, Vacation Time
-N.Y.C. In a New York minute
Park Ave, Downtown
-N.Y.C. Long Wearing
Scandalous Blue Glitter, Cashmere Creme

~Wheel 3~
Babydoll, Freshwater Pearl, Razzberry, Bombshell, Devious, Alter Ego, Smoke Screen
-Forever 21
Taupe 00012226011 (light)
Taupe 84660326011 (medium)
Taupe 00008341011 (darkest of the 3)
Mint 00008320011
Peach(Scented) 00013600011
Rumples Wiggin', What's With the Cattitude?, No Room for the Blues
-Forever 21(sorry these are all over the place, lol)
Blue(Blueberry Scented) 00008335011
Lavender 80223433031
Dark Purple 84642973011

~Wheel 4
-Pure Ice
Silver Mercedes, Kiss Me Here
-Sinful Colors
Secret Admirer, Pink Forever, 24/7, Out of this World, Hot Spot
-N.Y.C. Long Wearing
Time Square Tangerine Creme, Big Money Frost, Skin Tight Denim, Black Lace Creme, Starry Silver Glitter
-Sinful Colors
Midnight Blue
-Sally Girl
Turquoise, Purple
-Sinful Colors
Gorgeous, Purple Diamond, Glass Pink

~Wheel 5~
Pale Yellow(nameless)
Neon Purple(nameless)
Lime Shine
Neon Fire
-Sally Hansen
Ruby Sequin, Mellow Yellow
Sandy, Mahogany
-Hot Topic
Neon Pink
Electric Pink
-Elizabeth Arden
Perfect Red
-Covergirl Nail Slicks
Silver Belle
Orange(no name or brand)
-Sally Hansen Pen
-Nail art pens L.A. Colors
-Love & Beauty Nail art pens
White, Black, Hot Pink

~Wheel 6~
Glitter Glam, Moonlight, Innocent, Nude, Blush, Smoky Brown, Chocolate, Fair Pink, Pearl Pink, Gum Pink, Coral, Champagne, Sunset, Fuchsia, Burgundy, Red Velvet, Rosy Raisin, Dark Red

~Wheel 7~
Mod Mauve, Punk Purple, Royal Purple, Plum, Party Purple, Dark Navy, Desert Haze
-Sinful Colors
HD Nails, Happy Ending, Innocent, I Love You, Fiji, Social Ladder, Mint Apple, Rise and Shine, Soul Mate, Nail Junkie, What S Your Name

~Wheel 8~
-Sinful Colors
Unicorn, Hazard, Dancing Nails, Why Not, Savage(Matte), Last Chance
Pearl, Fluorescent Pink, Metal Madness

My Hair Growing Journey:)

Well I recently had to chop off about 5-6 inches due to damage and I've grown about 1- 1/2 inches back since I  got a hair cut the day before Halloween. I notice a slight change, but I figured I'd take pictures every month or so to monitor the growth and health of my hair.
This is my current hair length as of today. I have not gotten a hair cut in about 2 1/2 months. I realize that everyone needs to have their hair trimmed, but every time I go to the salon they cut off at least an inch. So I decided to buy a Split Ender( this is the one I purchased: I will have a review on my Youtube (TaraMichelleZ) when I get it in the mail. I will keep my progress photos on here.

Here are some of the products I currently use on my hair:
 I use this on my hair every time I wash it. Which is usually every other day, because washing your hair daily takes away the natural oils. I have only used this twice, but I do notice a difference in my hair. It is a lot silkier and definitely moisturized.  I recommend this to anyone with dry and/or damaged hair. They are also very inexpensive, I paid $7 for both.
 I have been using this for about a month now, and I use it on my hair when I get out of the shower. My hair has definitely improved, before I did not use any leave in conditioner. I still have some breakage, but it is very minimal.
I use this product along with the leave in conditioner. I believe they work well together, but there isn't really any need to use both. This one is not a leave in conditioner, but it does help to repair your hair. It does not work miracles, but before when I used no products my hair was unmanageable and a disaster, now it is manageable and does not feel like a Brillo pad, lol.

I miss my long hair, but it just kept splitting and breaking to the point where it looked super thin at the ends and very unhealthy and it became a lot shorter without cutting it. I do hope the Split Ender works because the one thing I have a huge problem with is my split ends. Yes, when I get a hair cut they get most of them, but they cut off a lot and then in 3-4 weeks my ends are split again. So I rather trim the split ends myself every 4 weeks or so and not have to worry so much about losing the length.