Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Current Obsession: Nail Polish

Here are swatches of my entire nail polish collection, currently I am at 136 different shades, not including top coats. Crazy...I know, but it is hard to stop. I am always looking for new and interesting colors.

List of all names :)

~Wheel 1~
-Revlon Top Speed
Jaded, Pink Lingerie, Violet, Vintage, Sugar Plum, Grape, Stormy, Black Star
Ballet Slippers
-China Glaze
For Audrey
I Pink I'm In Love, Sand Castle
-Forever 21(product codes included, because some different shades have the same name)
Blue(star sparkle) 00014654011
Bubble Gum(Scented) 55985436081
Mauve 00006267011
Gold(Caramel Scented) 00013623011
Orchid 83538088011
Wine 70348741021

~Wheel 2
-Wet n' Wild Wild Shine
French White Creme, Tickled Pink, Dreamy Poppy, Blazed, Red Red, Wild Card/Invitation, Eggplant Frost, Bijou Blue, Caribbean Frost, Casting Call/Rose Sage, Black Creme, Rain Check
-Sinful Colors
Pink Glitter, Vacation Time
-N.Y.C. In a New York minute
Park Ave, Downtown
-N.Y.C. Long Wearing
Scandalous Blue Glitter, Cashmere Creme

~Wheel 3~
Babydoll, Freshwater Pearl, Razzberry, Bombshell, Devious, Alter Ego, Smoke Screen
-Forever 21
Taupe 00012226011 (light)
Taupe 84660326011 (medium)
Taupe 00008341011 (darkest of the 3)
Mint 00008320011
Peach(Scented) 00013600011
Rumples Wiggin', What's With the Cattitude?, No Room for the Blues
-Forever 21(sorry these are all over the place, lol)
Blue(Blueberry Scented) 00008335011
Lavender 80223433031
Dark Purple 84642973011

~Wheel 4
-Pure Ice
Silver Mercedes, Kiss Me Here
-Sinful Colors
Secret Admirer, Pink Forever, 24/7, Out of this World, Hot Spot
-N.Y.C. Long Wearing
Time Square Tangerine Creme, Big Money Frost, Skin Tight Denim, Black Lace Creme, Starry Silver Glitter
-Sinful Colors
Midnight Blue
-Sally Girl
Turquoise, Purple
-Sinful Colors
Gorgeous, Purple Diamond, Glass Pink

~Wheel 5~
Pale Yellow(nameless)
Neon Purple(nameless)
Lime Shine
Neon Fire
-Sally Hansen
Ruby Sequin, Mellow Yellow
Sandy, Mahogany
-Hot Topic
Neon Pink
Electric Pink
-Elizabeth Arden
Perfect Red
-Covergirl Nail Slicks
Silver Belle
Orange(no name or brand)
-Sally Hansen Pen
-Nail art pens L.A. Colors
-Love & Beauty Nail art pens
White, Black, Hot Pink

~Wheel 6~
Glitter Glam, Moonlight, Innocent, Nude, Blush, Smoky Brown, Chocolate, Fair Pink, Pearl Pink, Gum Pink, Coral, Champagne, Sunset, Fuchsia, Burgundy, Red Velvet, Rosy Raisin, Dark Red

~Wheel 7~
Mod Mauve, Punk Purple, Royal Purple, Plum, Party Purple, Dark Navy, Desert Haze
-Sinful Colors
HD Nails, Happy Ending, Innocent, I Love You, Fiji, Social Ladder, Mint Apple, Rise and Shine, Soul Mate, Nail Junkie, What S Your Name

~Wheel 8~
-Sinful Colors
Unicorn, Hazard, Dancing Nails, Why Not, Savage(Matte), Last Chance
Pearl, Fluorescent Pink, Metal Madness


  1. Your nail polish collection is amazing! Omgoodness, I love all of those colors!