Monday, December 31, 2012

January Budget Blog

Last month I did actually go over budget but I am counting the purchases towards this month. They were made at the end of the month because of semi annual sales. I'm setting my budget a bit higher to $150 because of all the semi annual sales this month. The ones I will be going to are Bath & Body Works, Yankee Candle, & Victoria's Secret. I can no longer add pictures of the items, sorry. All items will be shown in my monthly hauls.

Budget Spent: $139.01

Budget Left: $10.99

Days Left Until End of Month:25

December 28th, 2012: Bath & Body Works- $16.29 total
$3 Antibacterial Soap in Fresh Picked Strawberries 8 FL oz
$3 Secret Wonderland Bubble Bath 10 FL oz
$3.12 Love Love Love Triple Moisture Body Cream 8 oz
$1.25 Twilight Woods Body Lotion 3 FL oz
$1.50 Warm Vanilla Sugar Fragrance Mist 3 fl oz
$3.50 Paris Amour Fragrance Mist 2.5 fl oz 
Had to pick up more items from the semi annual sale. This was a different bath and body works.
Yankee Candle- $21.16 total
$13.99 White chocolate mint large jar candle 22 oz
$.99 Sparkling Snow Votive Sampler 1.75oz
$.99 Over the River Votive Sampler 1.75oz
$.99 Whoopie Pie Votive Sampler 1.75oz
$.75 each X4 Candy Corn Car Fresheners 
Did not pick up as much as I usually do because Kohls(where I work) Had a lot of fall and winter scents on clearance cheap, plus my discount. It is not worth getting at Yankee for me, but we did not have any minty chocolate scents so I got that at Yankee Candle.

December 29th, 2012: Kohls- these prices include my discounts and tax. $35.53 total
$7.79 Rock & Republic Studded Shorts Size 4 these were originally $72 and I have been waiting forever to buy them. Glad the 4 fits.
$3.66 Yankee Candle Absolutely Autumn 7 oz candle
$5.84 x2 Yankee Candle Absolutely Autumn 19 oz candles
$6.20 x2 Yankee Candle Christmas Cookie 19 oz candles
I probably will not be buying anymore candles for a while or lotions/bath products. The only other semi annual sale I want to go to is Victoria's Secret to get 1-2 new bras, which I do every semi annual sale.

January 1st, 2013: Target- Mossimo Mint Waffle Long Sleeve Shirt Size M $7.02

January 2nd, 2013: Victoria's Secret- Pink Bra $15.99
Old Navy- Baseball tee 3/4 length sleeves White with Gray Sleeves $2.99, Reusable Coffee Cup 16oz $3.99, Total: $7.40

January 3rd, 2013: Kohl's- Total: $10.56 (I had a $3.58 return, so I used towards this purchase)
These items are all clearance and right now clearance is an extra 25% off.
So Navy and White Striped Sweater Size M- $5.27
Lauren Conrad Mint Lace Button up Dress Size 4- $8.64

January 6th, 2013: Bath & Body Works- Total: $9.28
$3 Sweet Pea anti-bacterial deep cleansing hand soap 8 fl oz
$3 Warm Vanilla Sugar anti-bacterial deep cleansing hand soap 8 fl oz
$2.75 Sweet On Paris body lotion 8 fl oz

January 9th, 2013: Target- Merona Medium wash denim button up shirt Size XS- $14.81
I did not plan on buying this but it fit perfect. I do have two other denim shirts that I find I don't reach for because one is too big the other is too small in the sleeves. So I will be replacing those 2 with this one. It is also between the two washes I currently have.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

December Budget Blog

Well I failed last month at maintaining my budget. All the sales (black friday, holiday sales etc.) are just too tempting. I may not keep budget this month too but once the holidays are over it should be easier. I'm going to set my budget at $100 again because I hope to keep to that. I can no longer add pictures of the items, sorry. All items will be shown in my monthly hauls.

Budget Spent: $99.51

Budget Left: $.49

Days Left Until End of Month:1

December 2nd 2012: Forever 21- Black Leather Vest $13.82, Green/Black Gingham Flannel $15.72, Burgundy Basic Scoop Neck Long Sleeve Top $6.80. Total: $38.52 I had a 21% off coupon good only today, for some reason it did not work on the basic shirt but it worked on the others. It saved me around $8.

December 8th 2012: Kohls- Candie's Khaki Linen Shorts Size 5 $1.73 crazy deal could not pass it up.

December 9th 2012: Sears- Bongo Shoe Booties in Black Size 8.5 $21.19 I saw these in the ad for $19.99 and knew I had to have them. They are like a mix between a sneaker, combat boot, and a wedge. I'm not a huge fan of the ones that look like sneakers, but these are great. They are super comfortable too. I wore them a few hours with no pain. They are also easy to walk in.

December 15th 2012: Kohls- Lily Rose Floral Bodycon Skirt Size Medium $1.14, So Star Print Sweater Size Small $9.46
Could not pass up on the skirt. The sweater I've wanted for a while but passed on because it was $25. Once they went down in price the one I wanted sold out. So finally we got more in, in my size and on sale for $14.99. It is the warmest sweater I own. I only have two or three actual sweaters including this one because I live in South Florida.

---haul was filmed already so stuff after this line will be featured in my January haul even though it is towards this months budget.

December 20th 2012: Kohls- So Cropped Navy Lace Top Size Medium-  $1.60
The shirt was really cheap and cute as well.

December 27th 2012: Forever 21- I want Coffee Nightdress $10.80 Size S, Midtone Brown waist belt Size XS/S $3.80, Dark brown waist belt size S $.99 on clearance. I had $14.63 from an item I returned that I bought with Hanukkah money so this technically cost me $1.90 out of pocket. I really wanted the nightdress prior because I saw it online but wanted to try it on in store for length. Last time they did not have it but this time they did. 

Bath & Body Works- These are prices before my $10 off of $30 coupon. Body Lotions ($3 per) Butterfly Flower, P.S. I love you, and Vanilla Tini all 8 FL oz. Shower gel- Strawberry Sparkler $3, 2 Warm Vanilla Sugar $5.50 each all 10 FL oz. Candy Cane Bliss Hand Soap $3 (8 fl oz.), Vanilla Bean Noel Foaming hand soap $3 (8.75 fl oz.) Paris Amour Hand Sanitizer $1.50 (1 fl oz.) I usually don't go to bath and body works semi annual sale, but I really wanted some nice smelling shower gels and hand soaps and I already liked their lotions. They were such a good deal with the coupon and sale. $21.73 for all.

December 29th 2012: Kohls- Lauren Conrad Red Jeggings Size 4: $2.24 Awesome deal and these pants are so soft it is crazy. They have been floating around the store for a while, but they were not super marked down yet. The tag said $8.80, but they were actually $4.40 (90% off...). All our clearance currently is an extra 25% off as well. So before my coupon and associate discount these pants were $3.30. I could not pass them up. I am so glad they fit and are comfortable. 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

November Budget Blog

Hey everyone here are my purchases for November, including my thoughts on the purchases I have made. My currently weekly budget on clothing, shoes, makeup and other items that are not food, gas, or bills is about $22. So that makes my monthly budget $100. Last month I slipped, seeing as I went on vacation and planned on going to a huge mall. This month it is back to cracking down.

Budget Spent: $117.75

Budget Left: -17.75 BOO Not good

Days Left Until End of Month: 1

November 1st 2012: Kohls- Candy Corn Candle- $7.20 Halloween candle I really loved so I repurchased the last one in stock at my job, since they went on clearance. I don't need any more candles so I won't be purchasing any unless there is a winter scent I really love. Fall is actually my favorite for candles and clothing for that matter. 

November 9th 2012: Kohls- Candie's Polka Dot Skinny Jeans- $7.35 It has been 8 days since my last purchase. I notice my willpower getting a bit stronger when it comes to shopping. I think more before making a purchase. These are something I actually have wanted but forgot about because they were too expensive. These went on clearance and I saw them while working. I have not actual looked for clothing since last month. I also rarely buy bottoms, and this is now my second pair of printed bottoms:)

November 10th 2012: Kohls- Elle Breast Cancer Awareness Tee (XS) $2.12, About a Girl Sheer Polkadot Top (M) $8.57: Total $11.11

November 11th 2012: Yankee Candle- All $1 each 3 car jars(2 vanilla cupcake 1 Christmas cookie) and 6 votive candles (2 Peppermint Bark, 2 Buttercream, 1 Red Velvet, 1 Sun & Sand)- $9.54 Yankee got me with their sale, lol. I had to smell the newer Holiday scents as well. Hopefully this is the last bit of candles I buy for some time. 

Pacsun- Kirra XS Coral Cut Out Shoulder Top $10.49, Lira S Black Triangle/Tribal Print Top $6.29- $17.79 Total The Pacsun in the mall by me is closing so everything was on an extra sale. This was all I found that I really wanted and was a decent price. The tribal top I am not 100% sure I love but it is so soft so I got it anyway. It looks good on I just don't know how often I will wear it. Sadly it is final sale because of the store closing. 

November 16th 2012: Kohls- Owl Gloves ($3.40), Hello Kitty Tee ($4.08), Candie's White Button Up ($5.82): Total $14.08 With Tax

I love owls and these gloves are super cute, couldn't pass them up. They are great because they can be worn finger-less or as mittens.

This shirt is one size too big but its okay. It is so cute. And I usually only get v neck graphic tees, because I am not a fan of crew neck.

I have a white button up sleeveless top that just doesn't fit right so I have been looking to replace it. This is more an ivory color but it works just the same. It is long enough to wear with leggings and has a cute crochet detail on the top part of the back. I also like the two toned detail. I would pair with black leggings.

November 17th 2012: Target- Coral Skinny Jeans (Size 2) In Fit 4 $13.98, Lavender(violet) Skinny Jeans (Size 2) In Fit 3 $13.98: Total $29.63
Been looking for this exact coral shade for a while so I had to pick these up. Also I never buy bottoms, lol.

I recently sold my light lavender colored skinny jeans because they didn't fit well. So these will replace them.

November 18th 2012: Kohls-  Lauren Conrad- Crochet/Lace top (S) $4.75 I've wanted this shirt previously but it's been a while since we've had it in stock. Someone returned it today, tags attached and all. I just had to buy it. Not really fall appropriate for most areas, but for where I live it's fine, lol. 

November 25th 2012: Rue 21- Coral button up top - $7.42
    Image does not fit

November 27th 2012: Kohls- Weavers Sequin Tank- $3.58
Image does not fit

November 29th 2012: Rue 21- Black cotton button up with denim accents- $5.30
Image does not fit

Thursday, September 27, 2012

October Budget Blog

This month I am challenging myself further and I hope to do the same every month from now on. My budget this month will be $105. Yes only $5 less but overtime that will be a drastic change, not only on my bank account but on my overall shopping lifestyle. I hope to eventually change my overall way of thinking when it comes to buying things I do not need. 

Budget Spent:xx

Budget Left: xx

Days Left Till the End of the Month: xx

These two purchases were made prior to this month but will be included in this month. 

Ebay- Light Wash Denim Shirt- $9.74 This item was something that has been on my list for a long while. So even though I was at the end of my budget this is something I could not pass up. This was a one time find not from a store or a place that restocks. Most denim shirts are $18-$40. I purchased one from Target before I got this in the mail for $18 and I am returning it tomorrow because I love this one. The brand is Fred David and I have never heard of it before but it is exactly what I was looking for. Its a medium and fits great, a bit oversized but I need a medium or I would not be able to button it in the chest area. 

Kohls- 3 swimsuit bottoms- $7.07 Beyond excellent deal I saw while working today. Our swimwear is  usually never marked down this far. I bought a fourth one but it did not go with any of my current pieces. The rest match with a few other separates I have. I got a majority of my swimwear on clearance. I don't plan on buying anymore for a while. I have 9 tops and 8 bottoms which is plenty. I  can go to the beach/pool pretty much year round so I cannot just have 1-3 bathing suits they will get  worn out and damaged very quickly. The brands and sizes are- So size Medium(coral one), Mudd size Small(gray and teal one), and Mudd size Xsmall (striped one). They all fit, actually the medium fits the smallest. The brand So runs small usually, in Mudd swim bottoms I usually wear XS or S. In So I can wear M or L. So if you try to find these online please keep that in mind. These are all Juniors Swimwear Sizes.

October 1st 2012: Old Navy- Light/Medium Wash Shorts- $8.98
I know they may not be everyone's taste, they are a 4 1/2" inseam and are very comfortable. I have not liked wearing short shorts to school or if I'll be sitting a while because they are very uncomfortable because my thighs are are bigger. These are a size two and are a little loose on the thigh which never happens and perfect at the waste. A zero would of been perfect but these were the smallest on the clearance rack. The style is called the Flirt and it is fitted on the waist and bigger at the thighs for girls like me who have a smaller waist and not so small thighs. It is something I've always had an issue with since about 12-13 years old. I have a good amount of muscle in my thighs from walking and biking a lot so they are bigger and it is hard to make them smaller. The measurements on these are: Waist laying flat: 15" Thigh laying flat: 10 1/2" Rise: 8" They are a little higher than the usual low rise but I prefer these. Few years back I would of not picked this up but with age I noticed changes in my style and how comfortable I am not with showing my thighs. I am only 22 but I feel I always want to look appropriate and be comfortable.

October 8th 2012: Forever yoga leggings- $10.39 they had free shipping no minimum and I have been looking to get another pair of yoga leggings for biking. I ride my bike for exercise when it is cooler out so I got 2 gray pairs and one black pair and I have been looking for another and these are by far the least expensive. I got my other 3 from forever 21 and have had no issues with them. Yet again it is too hot to bike so I haven't gotten much wear out of them just yet.
not my images, this is forever 21's image. This is just here till I get mine in the mail.

September Budget Blog Confessions

My first experience with being on a budget...

It was very difficult to go from $250-$400 dollars a month to spend on clothing, makeup, room decor etc. down to $110. I almost made it but not quite. It was hard not buying all the great end of summer clearance deals, but honestly I did not need them. I feel a lot better being able to save some money and still get a few cute pieces. I hope to still knock down my spending a lot. 

There are a few items I did not add in this budget. One item being a hot pink sketchbook which is not something I needed but drawing is a big part of my life and I have been neglecting it because I do not like my current sketchbook or the paper quality inside it. This one has great paper and was only $10 at barns and nobles. I also did not add in a lunch box I got for about $3.50 at Target because I did need a new one. 

I did buy other things that I ended up returning that are not shown here. 

Here are this months item purchases:
2 Bikini Tops 1 Bikini Bottom (this is a bit much but only because of the end of summer super inexpensive swim wear
5 Shirts(this is a bit much)
1 Denim Vest
1 Hooded top
1 Dress
1 Pajama Bottom
1 Skirt
2 Yoga Shorts
1 Candle Sleeve
= $110.66 even though I bought a lot it seems, I always get great deals.

At the beginning of this budget goal I was a bit depressed when I did not have a ton of new things to wear. Also I did not get that rush from finding new and cute pieces. Last month when I first started my budget I was not as committed and spent around $40-$60 over my budget this month only $.66. Next month I am knocking down my budget $5. But last month after seeing everything I bought it got me upset and I knew my behavior had to change. 

Seeing as I am not yet out in the real world I do not have many bills it seemed okay for me to spend all my money on myself. My savings had not changed in almost 2 years because I spent everything I made. Last month even with gas and bills I put away $240 and my goal was only $180. This is not for anyone but myself. This is a choice a lifestyle change, just like any other addiction. Even though my shopping was not out of control it would of eventually gotten there, if I let it. I want to move out of my parents once I am finished school and hope to have a good amount put aside.

Seeing that I almost made my budget makes me happy. Its something that I did not think I could do and I did it. Anyone else who spends a lot of their money on things they do not need I'd like to see you try this. See if it helps. Month one may be hard even one year may still be difficult, but in a few years you'll have a complete lifestyle change. I sound like someone talking about a diet, lol, but even with that or anything else all you need to do is take baby steps. Don't quit anything cold turkey. Don't lie about what you are buying it won't help. 

Thank you for reading this and I hope this will inspire others with any addiction (big or small).

Sunday, September 23, 2012

My healthy hair journey

My last hair update on my youtube channel was last fall so I figured it is time for another. Sorry I have been slacking on updates. I don't really pay attention to my hair growth as much as I use to. I still have not dyed my hair, it has been about 1 year and 9 months. I also have stopped straightening my hair.

I decided a while back that I would try go a month without straightening my hair. I did that for a few months and then after that I just felt no need to straighten my hair because it was summer and the heat ruined it. As my hair got healthier I noticed I liked my natural hair more. I only have pictures of my hair straightened so there is not too many within the last year since I have been mostly off heat styling. My hair has a slight natural wave so most of the time I can get away with not doing my hair.

Here are pictures I have taken since my last year update about a year ago:

 12/4/11 1/17/12

 1/29/12 2/20/12

 3/29/12 4/10/12

 4/24/12 5/14/12

 5/20/12 6/16/12

 8/26/ 12 9/23/12

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

September Budget Blog

Hey everyone here are my purchases for September, including my thoughts on the purchases I have made. My currently weekly budget on clothing, shoes, makeup and other items that are not food,gas, or bills is $25 and I hope to decrease it over time. So that makes my monthly budget around $110. 

Budget Spent: $110.66

Budget Left: - .66 BOO not too much over but still over!

Days Left Until End of Month: Nothing else can be purchased this month.

September 1st 2012: Target- pink and white striped bathingsuit bottoms- $4.75 went into target to find a backpack I saw online (sold out :() and of course horrible me checked out the clothing. I love getting inexpensive bathingsuit pieces to mix and match. 

September 2nd 2012: Ebay- denim vest- $16 been wanting one for a while, saw a few at some stores but this was by far the least expensive.

 Fits perfect I was surprised. It is from China and marked XL but I am a small and it fits me. Their sizing is very odd. The measurements given had me under the impression I wouldn't be able to button it, which I was fine with because I planned on wearing it open but I can button it and it looks great for the price I paid:)

September 3rd 2012: Forever Sheer black blouse $14.63...dang forever 21 with their labor day free shipping, lol. But I have been looking for a black sheer blouse for a while.
 looks super cute on:)

September 6th 2012: Kohls- Polka dot top $3.75...a shirt I've wanted previously but it was too expensive and then it went on clearance, lol.

September 9th 2012: Bath n Body Works- 2 Candle Sleeves(one is my boyfriends and he got me a candle)- $10.60

September 13th 2012: Pacific Sunwear (PacSun)- 1 bathing suit top $4.99, 1 Short Sleeved shirt $2.50, and 1 tank $4.99. I normally don't shop here because it can be quite expensive, but I was at the mall (not a good idea for me, but I wanted Taco Bell and that is the closest one) and I've found some items I liked in their clearance before so I checked it out. I found some awesome deals. Many other things I did like but they were not in my size. They had tons of swim suit separates on sale for $4.99 no matter what they were marked. All the sizes left were L and XL luckily the top I got in a large fits great I usually wear small or medium bottoms so I have to mix and match with existing pieces.
Super cute bikini top and matches great with black bottoms, has a bra like fit so it is very flattering. I usually get m or l in swim suit tops and I got this in a large and it fits great. The Brand is Black Poppy, original price $24.50 marked down to $16.99 then all swim suit separates were $4.99. And I can go swimming 85% of the year so I can never have too many swim suits.  

This shirt is so soft, same with the tank top. Super cute and simple and I love the back cutouts they are sexy but still classy. It is a chevron type print which is very trendy at the moment and it is in great colors that can still be worn threw fall if paired the right way. Its an off white pocket tee with coral, orange and navy stripes. I fell in love with this top and I was so surprised that it rang up less than I expected. This one is an XS but is oversized so fits big even though I wear a small/ medium. The brand is Kirra and original price was $19.50, marked down to $9.99 and all redlined items were half off so I thought this would be $4.99 but it rang up $2.49 a definite steal I could not pass up.

Usually if something is far from my size I usually won't even try it on, except at thrift stores. But I loved this wolf Indian style top. I don't own anything with a wolf on it and I think they are beautiful animals. So I had to try this on even though it is an xl. This shirt fits like a dress but i've been looking for cute long tanks to wear this bandeaus and leggings. The armpit hole sags really low so I'm not sure if i'd be daring enough to just rock a bandeau underneath I may wear a tank. I do have a longer bandeau that may work. This shirt is not too wide for me even though it is a few sizes larger than my usual. This will even look great with the front tucked into skinny jeans and with riding boots:) Can't wait till it starts getting cooler around here. Usually hits the 70s around October lol. The brand for this is Kirra as well and the original price was $24.50, marked down to $18.99, marked down again to $9.99 and then redlined making it half off at $4.99, great deal for a tank like this.

September 15th 2012: Kohls- hello kitty pj bottoms- $5.62

September 17th 2012: Burlington Coat Factory- Poof Excellence black and coral striped short sleeved sweater- $6.34
Looks great on:) Great for the price I bought it mainly to wear to work because it is a bit chilly at my job but I don't like wearing long sleeves to work.

September 18th 2012: Ebay- Floral bodycon skirt - $11.99 I tried on a floral body con navy skirt with polka dots at aeropostale and I really liked it but the xs was a bit snug and the m was too big and they did not have a small. I found this one online that I liked more and is a bit longer. I prefer black, white and pink. 

This is just the model image.

September 20th 2012: Kohls- So Thermal Three Button Hoodie- $8.82
Looks better on because it is form fitting, but it is cotton and stretchy so it is not suffocating which I find some hooded shirts to feel like. I don't really own any hooded shirts so I thought I'd branch out a bit. This color combinations is one of my favorites. I have a v neck sweater from forever 21 with a navy and dark pink/red stripes and it looks great as well. I figured it be great for days where I don't really need a jacket but if my hands get cold or it rains I can still have that extra coverage. They had this in a few solid colors, but this was the only striped color I saw. It reminded me of something from Hollister or Victoria's Secret. 

September 23rd 2012: Kohls- Rewind dress- $5.18 
Great deal for this dress on the clearance rack. I don't buy many dresses but I have wanted this for a while. Back when they had my size it was $14.99-$17.99. I searched the clearance racks while I was actually shopping and all I found was 2 larges. While working I found this in a different department in  medium. Still a little big but it's okay because a medium is long enough since this is a short dress.:)

September 26th 2012: White swimsuit top- $7.94 I've been looking for a top to go with the white and pink striped bottoms that I purchased from Target. This plain white one would go great. I have ordered from before, I ordered my coral skinny jeans. They ship pretty quickly with no hassles. They have a coupon code good till Friday 9/28 (APOLOGY) You get free shipping on any purchase, because their site was down for a bit. I am not sent anything free from this company, this is just a code I received as a normal customer. 

September 27th 2012: Rue 21- 2 pairs of yoga shorts- $2.12 They were that inexpensive because my boyfriend got me a shirt for $4 but it was too big and they did not have a smaller size so they had a bunch of yoga shorts for $3 and I found two cute ones and it only cost me the extra $2.12 Unfortunately this brings me a few cents over budget this month. I am lowering my budget for next month so it will be more difficult.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Going on a Budget. How to stop being a Shopaholic!

I know I usually don't post on here unless it corresponds to my Youtube page but this is more of a blog than a video worthy topic at the moment. 
Last month I put myself on a budget and I spent less than I have in the past, but I am still way over budget. So anyone else who would like to stop being a shopaholic, or stop shopping as much can start this with me if they wish. Every month I will keep tabs on my shopping. What I buy every single day, clothing wise/ makeup/ anything besides food and gas because those things are necessities.

Things that have been helping me recently:
1. Tell others about your budget. this way others can help you stay away from buying things you do not need. This has helped me a lot this month, because most of the time I shop with my boyfriend and he won't let me go over budget, which is helpful.
2. Make a list of items you may want. Keep that list on your phone or in your purse etc. Keep those items on that list for at least a month, if you still want them and they are within your budget I feel it is okay to purchase them. I have a general list usually I see something like a denim vest for $35 and really like it but do not have to money in my budget. So I add the item to my list and try to find it for less. I recently got a denim vest for $16. 
3. Write down your purchases in a log of some sort. Keep it where you are at most in your house so you are always updating it. I keep mine on my desk and everyday I write down my purchases for my budget and so I know no one else is using my debit card or credit card.
4. Delete all online sites from your favorites. Try not to visit any at all. The main one I visit is and I haven't been able to delete yet but I hope to get there some day. That is the only site I go to pretty much. Besides eBay which I am a seller so I do have to check that regularly. 
5. Avoid the mall. Something that is difficult for me sometimes. The mall closest to me I don't like very much so I don't buy much if I go. But I would plan trips with my boyfriend or friends or family to go to the malls a bit further away and make a whole day of fun out of it. I haven't been on a mall trip in about a month and only purchased about $25 during that last one. Previously I set my limit at $100-$150 per trip, something I seriously reconsider now when I do go shopping.
6. But I have money why can't I buy what I want? Well even if you have money that does not mean you should spend it. Saving is golden and can be very rewarding in itself. Seeing your bank account go up instead of stay the same is nice. And you may want this item now, wear it 2-3 times and be bored with it. This happens to me a lot. I either give to friends or sell it on eBay or to a place like Platos Closet and get maybe a quarter of what I paid...Just to wear it 2-3 times. 
7. Before picking up items from the rack ask yourself these questions: Is it worth the price? Do I love it? (I do not believe fashionistas can ask the question do I need it, because the answer will always be no. You cannot be a fashionista and buy only things you need) Do I wanna spend my weeks budget on this? And is it on my list? If you answer yes to 3 of 4 or more than you can try it on. If not do not even try it on because you will end up loving something you cannot afford.
8.Think of the future. In a few years will you still be able to wear that? Will you need that in your career when you get there? Do you really want to rent a truck to move all your clothes, when you move out? I've been recently becoming more minimalistic and less of a hoarder. If you do not wear something for 2 whole seasons (like summer 2011 and summer 2012) then it is time to consider donating, selling, or giving to a friend. 
9. Try to only replace items in your closet, not create more. Once you get down to a set amount of clothing (like 20 tank tops 20 sweaters 5 jeans 5 skirts 10 shorts etc.) buy something in those categories only if you sell or get rid of something in that same category. I have this issue. I have so many tank tops (because I live in South Florida) and I keep buying more and more each year and only wearing them 1-2 times. I can wear tank tops like 200 days out of the year, but if I have 50 I am only wearing them maybe 4 times.
10. And Last....we all have to start somewhere. Don't quit anything cold turkey. If you do you'll end up spending money and lying about it. Every process is gradual. If in a year I go from spending $400 a month on clothes to $50 a month on clothes I will be very happy and feel like the process is working. Do not expect to take that leap in one month. It is not possible, unless you very strong willed, but in that case you would not be in this situation. 

Start this with me and we will become unShopaholics together:)

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Hey everyone! I know I haven't posted a blog post in a while so here is some hauling damage lol. Corresponding video will be up soon showing them on me as well. I went to a mall I haven't been to in almost 2 years and its pretty far but I had to go to H & M. I got all these items for around $100 bucks which is not too bad. I also went with a list of items I was looking for to make my shopping less compulsive and it did help quite a bit. I hope you enjoy these pictures:) Happy Shopping fellow Shopaholics! lol

(Store): (Brand): (Item): (Size): (Price)

Sears: True Freedom: Medium Wash 3/4 sleeve Denim Jacket (Light Weight): Small: $28.99

Forever 21: Tomato Blouse (Looks Coral to me): 4: $12.80

Forever 21: Cut out shoulder feather top: Small: $10.80

H & M: Sleeveless Blouse Shirts, Black, Coral/Pink, Ivory: Small: $4.95 each Originally $9.95 each

H & M: Divided: Ivory Blouse Sheer-ish: 4: $12.95

H & M: Rose gold braided belt (looks gold in picture): XS: $5.95

Aeropostale: Light Teal and Dark Lilac Bra Shelf Camisoles: Medium: $3.99 each Originally $18.90 each

Kohls: Lauren Conrad: Bird Tank: XS: $14.40 Originally $36