Thursday, September 27, 2012

September Budget Blog Confessions

My first experience with being on a budget...

It was very difficult to go from $250-$400 dollars a month to spend on clothing, makeup, room decor etc. down to $110. I almost made it but not quite. It was hard not buying all the great end of summer clearance deals, but honestly I did not need them. I feel a lot better being able to save some money and still get a few cute pieces. I hope to still knock down my spending a lot. 

There are a few items I did not add in this budget. One item being a hot pink sketchbook which is not something I needed but drawing is a big part of my life and I have been neglecting it because I do not like my current sketchbook or the paper quality inside it. This one has great paper and was only $10 at barns and nobles. I also did not add in a lunch box I got for about $3.50 at Target because I did need a new one. 

I did buy other things that I ended up returning that are not shown here. 

Here are this months item purchases:
2 Bikini Tops 1 Bikini Bottom (this is a bit much but only because of the end of summer super inexpensive swim wear
5 Shirts(this is a bit much)
1 Denim Vest
1 Hooded top
1 Dress
1 Pajama Bottom
1 Skirt
2 Yoga Shorts
1 Candle Sleeve
= $110.66 even though I bought a lot it seems, I always get great deals.

At the beginning of this budget goal I was a bit depressed when I did not have a ton of new things to wear. Also I did not get that rush from finding new and cute pieces. Last month when I first started my budget I was not as committed and spent around $40-$60 over my budget this month only $.66. Next month I am knocking down my budget $5. But last month after seeing everything I bought it got me upset and I knew my behavior had to change. 

Seeing as I am not yet out in the real world I do not have many bills it seemed okay for me to spend all my money on myself. My savings had not changed in almost 2 years because I spent everything I made. Last month even with gas and bills I put away $240 and my goal was only $180. This is not for anyone but myself. This is a choice a lifestyle change, just like any other addiction. Even though my shopping was not out of control it would of eventually gotten there, if I let it. I want to move out of my parents once I am finished school and hope to have a good amount put aside.

Seeing that I almost made my budget makes me happy. Its something that I did not think I could do and I did it. Anyone else who spends a lot of their money on things they do not need I'd like to see you try this. See if it helps. Month one may be hard even one year may still be difficult, but in a few years you'll have a complete lifestyle change. I sound like someone talking about a diet, lol, but even with that or anything else all you need to do is take baby steps. Don't quit anything cold turkey. Don't lie about what you are buying it won't help. 

Thank you for reading this and I hope this will inspire others with any addiction (big or small).


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  2. Once you damage your hair there is not many ways to fix it. Just don't use heat on it or dye and let it grow back out. I recommend weekly deep conditioning as well.