Sunday, December 8, 2013

December Budget Blog

Since I only spent $76 last month, my goal this month is down to $75. I will slowly decrease this amount.

Budget Spent: $61
Budget Left: $14
Days Left Until End Of Month:0

December 3rd, 2013:
Kohls- Apt 9 Black and Gray Striped Sweater size small $5.50

December 7th, 2013:
Kohls- Apt 9 Black and White Striped Sweater size small $4.50

December 12th, 2013: Mudd white tank size small $2.50 
Target- Mossimo Skirt size small $7.50 

December 13th, 2013: Lauren Conrad burgundy cardigan size small $15.50 

December 17th, 2013:
 Kohls- Elle Jeans size 2, So Jeans size 3, Lauren Conrad shorts size 4, So baseball tee size M $4.00

December 18th, 2013: 
Pacsun- 2 Nolie Crop tops size Xsmall $4 
Forever 21- Burgundy Top size small $5 

December 19th, 2013:
Kohls- Apt 9 Pink and Gray Striped Sweater size xsmall $4.50 

December 21st, 2013: 
Kohls- Sterling Silver Infinity Ring size 5 $1 (was on sale for $12 and I had a $10 off coupon plus discounts.

December 28th, 2013:
Kohls- Joe Benbasset Skater Skirt size small $7 

Friday, November 1, 2013

November Budget

$100 budget, will be less next month.

Budget Spent: $76
Budget Left: $24
Days Left Until End Of Month:0

November 3rd, 2013:
Kohls- Mudd dark gray v neck size small $5, Mudd mint tank size small $3

November 5th, 2013:
JCPenney- Sapphire Ink denim vest with leather accents size xsmall $15
Charlotte Russe- Refuge high rise black shorts size 4 $5

November 7th, 2013:
JCPenney- Arizona olive skinny jeans size 5 $5 (I had a $10 off $10 coupon and these jeans were on sale for $14.99)

November 8th, 2013: 
Ebay- Forever 21 Plaid Top size Medium $9
Kohls- Mudd Unicorn Tee Shirt $.50 (I had a $5 off $5 purchase) So Riding Boots in black size 9 $18

November 9th, 2013:
Kohls- Mudd Acidwash Denim Shirt size Small $6  

November 18th, 2013:  
Forever 21-  Burgundy and Black Striped Crop Top size Medium (Free) (I used a giftcard and spent 2 cents under the amount, this top was $10.80 I also had a 15% off coupon)

November 22nd, 2013:
Kohls- Mudd Burgundy Denim Shirt size Small $4  

November 29th, 2013:
Kohls- So Burgundy Varsity Cardigan size large $5.50  

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October Budget

Realistically I need to make my budget $150 and try to work back down again.

Budget Spent: $ 125.50
Budget Left: $ 24.50
Days Left Until End Of Month: 2

October 1st, 2013:
Kohls- Black and cream striped cardigan from Lauren Conrad size small $18.50 I have been wanting this cardigan for two months now and finally decided this month to buy it. It is definitely an investment piece for me. I have an lc cardigan that is three years old and looks great still. One of my favorites.

October 5th, 2013: Stooshy Army Vest size small $6, Rock & Republic Graphic Tank size small $6.50

October 8th, 2013:
Kohls- Tek Gear Neon Coral Sports Bra size medium $5, Mudd Purple and Black Striped Sweater size medium $4

October 11th, 2013:
Kohls- Sonoma Olive Green Jacket/Shirt size extra small $5

October 12th, 2013:
Kohls- Mudd Burgundy Beanie $7.50

October 15th, 2013:
Target- Mossimo Burgundy V Neck size xsmall $8

October 17th, 2013:
Kohls- Lily Rose size small leather accent top $3

October 19th, 2013: Lauren Conrad floral dress size 4 $8, Eyelash yellow top with lace back size Small $3.50, So Olive Thermal size Medium $6, Lauren Conrad peach shorts size 2 $6, Mudd slub white tee size small $5.50

October 28th, 2013: (purchases made online prior to this date) Liberty Love Black Dress size small $6 2 tanks and a tee for $17

October 29th, 2013: 
Ebay- Red Flannel size Medium $10
Kohls- Mudd Fox V Neck size Small Free (had $10 coupon)

Monday, August 26, 2013

September Budget Blog

This month I plan on maintaining my $100 budget.

Budget Spent: $76
Budget Left: $14
Days Left Until End Of Month: 12

September 2nd, 2013: Polkadot short sleeve crop top size medium $7 I have been wanting a short sleeve crop top because all of mine are tank tops, except one long sleeve one. Forever 21 had free shipping no minimum.

September 3rd, 2013:
Kohls- Weavers gray striped tank $5.

September 4th, 2013:
Target- Mossimo Chambray Skirt Tribal print size medium $6.50, Mossimo Chambray Skirt Dark wash size medium $6.50 I have been wanting these skirts for a while, so once I saw them super cheap I had to pick them up. I now own all 4 styles that came out, they are just so cute and can be worn with any color.

September 6th, 2013:
Kohls- Apt 9 black v neck with leather sleeves size XSmall $8.50 I've been wanting this shirt for a few months and it finally went down to a reasonable price.

September 7th, 2013:
Kohls- AB Studio Tribal Maxi Skirt size xsmall $6 It was on super sale so I decided to get it. I have been looking for a black and white tribal maxi skirt or dress for a while now.

September 8th, 2013:
Kohls- SO burgundy and beige striped thermal size medium $8.50

September 17th, 2013:
Kohls- Mudd high waisted jeans size 7 $17 I have been looking for high waisted pants that fit me well for two years now and these fit me great. I plan on ordering the same brand in a different style in a lighter wash. They have black as well, but I am not a fan of the material on the black pair.

September 18th, 2013: So Burgundy v neck size small $5, Apt 9 striped tee size extra small $6

Thursday, August 1, 2013

August Budget Blog

Well last month I did it. I set my mind to actually keeping my $100 monthly goal and not only did I keep on budget, but I spent less than budget. I did make a decent amount of returns, but it was because things did not fit that I purchased online. This month is going to be $100 budget again. After a few months of keeping my $100 budget with no problems, I will then deduct $5 a month till I am at a sensible amount. Also I would like to completely get rid of my shopaholic tendencies.

I went a bit over, but still not too bad. It is going to take more discipline and adjustment to get into the habit of shopping less. It is very difficult when you work at a clothing store.

Budget Spent: $109.21
Budget Left: -$9.21
Days Left Until End Of Month: 0

August 1st, 2013:
Ebay- Mossimo Navy and White Striped Skirt size small $8 I went into Target today, because I noticed at a different Target the skirts went on clearance. They were sold out of all the styles available in a size small. I found this one on ebay for $6 with $2 shipping which is a lot less than the clearance price tag of $16 that Target has them for. Online Target still has them at full price $22.

August 4th, 2013:
Kohls- Lauren Conrad Floral Dress size 4 $16.32 I tried on about 30 items and ended up buying three things. One I did not try on and it was too big so I returned it, the other item I changed my mind on, but I loved this dress so even though the clearance price of $24 was more than I usually spend I still got it. I do have another lauren conrad floral dress (very different from this one) that I got with all my discounts for over $20 so I do sometimes make exceptions if I love something. I wore this the same day and have a picture on instagram. I am realizing now that I am getting pickier in the fitting room, which is good. So I still try on a lot, but don't feel the need to buy a ton. 

August 5th, 2013:
Kohls- Candie's Rose gold lacey scarf $1.98 This I have actually looked at a few times and never tried it on, but I tried it on today and it was only marked $2.60 on clearance so I decided to get it. I tried on more things today as well, but this was all I bought. I feel more confident in my shopping than I use to. I am buying things I love over just buying things that are cheap. Even though this was inexpensive.

August 7th, 2013:
Walmart- White scarf with black birds $4.97 I have been looking for a black and white bird print scarf for a while and this one is perfect and light weight. I have a pink scarf with a smaller bird print, but I really love this one as well. Gray and Black Varsity Jacket size Small $15.90(prior to shipping, $22.21 with shipping)  I have been wanting a varsity jacket without any letters or writing on it for over a year now. All the ones I have seen have been $25-$45. I saw this one and once I saw one review posted decided it was okay to buy it. I am not going to include shipping cost as part of my budget. I would have drove to the store, but I am avoiding the mall with Forever 21 to keep my sanity, lol. After three months of keeping my budget I will let myself go to the actual Forever 21 store again. I need to be more secure with my shopping in my opinion before I can feel comfortable setting foot in the actual store. If this was not something I wanted for ages I would not of even considered spending the shipping. There has been many times things will sit in my cart on until there is a free shipping code, but I really love this jacket and could not risk it.

August 10th, 2013:
Kohls- Elle Capris size 2 $5.55 I have a pair of elle capris I have had for years I love so when I saw these for super cheap I picked these up. The other ones I have are a medium wash with rips these are dark wash no rips and where the cuff is there is a polkadot print which is super cute. They also fit very well. I have two pair of elle jeans, but I needed to get them in a 4, but for some reason in the capris the 2 fits me better.

August 14th, 2013: Xhiliration Moon Tee size small $6.83 I've wanted the brandy melville one forever, but it is just too expensive, this one was a cheaper alternative.

August 15th, 2013:
Kohls- Mudd Jeans Size 3 $5.79

August 20th, 2013:
Target- Mossimo Supply Company Olive Dress size medium $7, Fifth Sun Anchor Tee size medium $3, Fifth Sun Owl Tee size small $3 I went to Target to return some socks, but it was a different Target than I usually go to. I don't have many graphic tees, in my opinion. I have been wanting an olive dress but haven't seen one I loved before. This one looked great on. It is a little big in the waist, but looked great with a belt. 

August 21, 2013: Candie's Studded Sneakers size 9 $12.03 I purchased these prior, but I got my Kohls order in today and this is the only item I kept from that order. I still have two more items on the way. Love these sneakers they are awesome and very much my style. Also bought them during the extra associate discount weekend, so I got an unbelievable deal.

Record in next months haul:

August 26th, 2013:
Forever 21- Dark Gray Skinny Jeans size 26 $9.52 I bought a dark gray pair of jeans from H&M, but they didn't fit. I found these on clearance for $17.99 and Forever 21 has their clearance items right now for 50% and they fit me well.
Black long sleeve crop top with cut outs at the elbows size medium $9.32 I went into forever 21 for this item. It is s perfect, really wish they had white in stock too. They were almost all sold out. Only medium and large left and only in red or black :( I didn't get the red because I won't wear it as much.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Clothing Count Update for July 2013

It has been 10 months since I started my budget. Even though I have not kept it every month, I am curious to see if I am any closer to my clothing goal. I first made this count back in November 2012 so it has been 8 months since I made this list and my goals.

*=goal has been met

Beginning/ Current/ Goal

Tank tops: 60/39/40*
(undershirts only)

Tank tops: 40/36/30

Croptops/ Bralets: I had no goal set for this category. 2/11

Short Sleeve: 18/9/10*  8/5/8*
(basics/graphic tees)

Short Sleeve Tops: 21/16/20*

Long Sleeve Button up Shirts: 12/20/10 (inaccurate because originally I only counted my sheer ones, in this one I added 5 other shirts) So the real count would be 12/15/10

Long Sleeve Shirts: 13/8/10*

Sweaters/ Heavy Shirts: 11/6/8*

Work Tops/Pants:  22/6/15*   10/9/8
(specific clothing I will only wear for work)

Skirts: 15/18/10

Long Bottoms: 19/24/15   3/2/3*
(Jeans/ Other)

Capris: 6/3/4*

Shorts: 32/31/20

Sweatpants/ Sweatshorts: 6/6/6*

Cardigans/ Coverups/ Vests: 28/23/20

Jackets: 9/10/8

Dresses: 12/14/12

Leggings: 4/7/4 (2 are backup black leggings, not being worn until my first ones rip)

Hoodies: 9/8/8*

It is nice to see that I am close to or made most of my goals, even with my excessive spending.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

July Budget Blog

This month I finally reached my goal and actually spent less than my budget. I did take off a bra purchase of $2.50 and an underwear purchase of $4 because they are needed items, either way I still stayed under $100. I have noticed that I have become more picky with my purchases and that just cause it is cheap does not mean I should buy it. I find it helpful to try on the items I've been wanting, because most of the time it does not look great on or I can find a reason not to buy it. For August I do have some items put aside that are going clearance, but a lot less than usual and I am still not 100% on those either. Sometimes the price can change my mind.

I have to be honest with myself and be a lot more strict not just on my budget, but with my thought process behind shopping. I will be doing a video on being a shopaholic and my plan to recover. No, I am not in debt, but if I keep up these shopping habits one day I will be. I cannot let shopping control me. Shopping should be a thing I have to do when I need something, not something to do when I am upset or bored. This month I hope to not even spend my budget, and I lowered it down to $100 again.

Budget Spent: $91.98

Budget Left: $8.03

Days Left Until End Of Month: 0

July 6th, 2013:
Ebay- Forever 21 Olive Ripped Skinny Jeans size 28 $15 I have been wanting these for almost a year. I saw them in person almost a year ago after seeing them online and they did not have my size or anything close available. I saw these on forever 21's website for $22 but still could not justify the price. I saw the reviews say they run small, so I am usually a 26-27. I found these on ebay and decided to go for it. I have been looking for a cute pair of olive skinny jeans. I found some olive cargo capris last month, but if I love these then those will be returned. I have not worn them yet.

July 8th, 2013: Merona black heels size 9 (they run a half size small according to reviews) $15 I've had two pairs of black heels in my life, first pair was awful and the pair I have now are too tight on me. So if I need black heels I make myself suffer in the ones that are too tight, because I have been looking for the perfect pair. I have the perfect pair of nude pumps and feel these will be the perfect pair of black pumps. I hope, if not they will be returned and my search will continue. I feel this is a staple in any woman's wardrobe. I only own two pairs of heels.

July 11th, 2013:
Traffic- Studded cut out Oxfords size 8.5 $21.20 I love wearing my gojane studded oxfords to work, but the bottoms are breaking through and they are a few wears away from going in the trash. I have been looking for a replacement pair that is comfortable and similar. I found these and they are very comfortable and cute.

July 12th, 2013:
Kohls- So white blouse with navy polkadots size medium $11.47 I have been wanting a polka dot blouse but always felt white with black polka dots was too harsh.

July 17th, 2013:
Kohls- So neon pink tee size small $.89 Had a coupon and finally some smalls came in.

July 18th, 2013: Mint sandals with metal detailing size 8.5 $4.77 I have been looking for inexpensive mint sandals or shoes for quite some time, they were originally $17.50 and I got them for $5  plus 10% off plus free shipping. I just hope they fit:)

July 25th, 2013:
Kohls- Eyelash button up olive shirt size medium $11.49, So gray and black baseball tee size medium $6.10 I have been looking for an olive shirt and this ones long enough to wear with leggings and I don't have any baseball tees minus the mudd one I have yet to get in the mail.

July 30th, 2013: 1 black cami size small, 2 white camis size small. $5.73 Forever 21 had a free shipping no minimum offer so I decided to stack up on a few basic camis and they are only $1.80 online which is an awesome deal. I tend to go through white camis quicker so I bought 2 white and 1 black. I wear camis under my shirt everyday so these are a necessity. 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

June Budget Blog

My budget this month is going to be $150 again. Hopefully I can stick to it. I spent $42 at Victoria's Secret semi annual sale, $20 at Bath and Body Works semi annual sale, and $30 at Yankee Candles semi annual sale, which I should have included but decided not to:s I made many returns this month from last month which I did not take out of my budget. I also sold some items to Playtos Closet.

Budget Spent: $145

Budget Left: $5

Days Left Until End Of Month: 11

June 1st, 2013
Kohls- Rock & Republic Burgundy Studded Sweater Size Small $5

June 2nd, 2013
Kohls- So Sandals size 7/8 $2.50, Iz Byer Mint Vertical Striped Shirt Size Medium $10

June 3rd, 2013
Kohls- Tinseltown High Rise Shorts Size 5 $9

June 4th, 2013
Target- Mossimo Spiked Boots size 9 $10, Mossimo Sun Hat $4
Goodwill- Forever 21 Crop top size small $2

June 7th, 2013
Kohls- So Palm Tree Blouse size small $7.50, So Mint Polkadot Blazer size medium $6

June 8th, 2013
Cotton On- Camo Shirt/Jacket size medium $10

June 9th, 2013 (returned two other shirts similar to these and got these instead-same price)
Kohls- So white sleeveless button up size small $9, Mudd sleeveless denim button up size small $11

June 10th, 2013 2 Pairs of So Oxfords one in black and one in cognac size 9 $12 each, About a Girl Light Yellow Button up shirt size medium $7

June 13th, 2013
Kohls- Mudd Blue tribal tank size small $3.50
Rainbow- Cropped tribal tank size small $8.50

June 15th, 2013
Target- Mossimo Lightwash Denim Circle Skirt size medium $10

June 16th, 2013
Kohls- Yellow Skinny Jeans size 5/6 $12.50

June 17th, 2013
Ebay- H&M Skull Tank size XS $7.50

June 19th, 2013
Kohls- So Swim Bottom size M $6

Thursday, May 2, 2013

May Budget Blog

I realize this budget thing is not working because I keep going over every month. I need to be more strict with myself. I am going to remain at $150 for this month, but I cannot go over. Luckily it's my birthday month and I do have a paid for shopping trip midway through, so I shouldn't even have the need to spend much of my own money this month. I will mention the items and their prices even though I will be getting them as gifts. Kohls purchase prices reflected by my associate discount, the prices will be more for a normal customer.

Budget Spent: $87

Budget Left: $63

Days Left Until End Of Month: 20

OPI Strawberry Margarita and OPI Fly $7 each but used Paypal money so not included
2 Mudd Cut Out Back Tops in black and coral size small $6(had a $10 off birthday coupon)

For $30 with shipping I got a denim bustier in size medium and a tribal tank in size small
Speechless denim and lace dress size medium $11

Canvas art $1 (for my new room design)
Tribal tank size large $4 (fits nice even though I am a small)

Kohls: total $35 with tax
Modern Lux Love and Floral Tee Size Medium $2
So Flamingo Shorts Size 3 $3
Lauren Conrad Floral Shorts Size 2 $4.40
Lauren Conrad Striped Shorts Size 4 $4.40
Lauren Conrad Skinny Jeans Size 4 $5.40
Lauren Conrad Black Jeggings Size 2 $2.20
So Chambray Bird Top Size Medium $9 (only item not on clearance, because it is brand new and I feel in love with it)

Saturday, March 23, 2013

April Budget Blog

I haven't been posting my purchases for last month as much because I know I over spent. I even am spending into this months budget. It is so hard not to shop when you are constantly around good deals. I am making my budget $150 this month, really hoping not to go over. For the Kohls items most I bought during our associate appreciation week and with my 30% off Kohls charge coupon, those are the prices after the discounts.

Budget Spent: 

Budget Left: None I suck at keeping budget lol

Days Left Until End Of Month:1

3/23/13 Purchase added to this months budget
Mudd Tribal Hat- $3, Elle Silver Clutch $3, Apt 9 Gunmetal Clutch $3
3/27/13 Purchase added to this months budget
So Navy and White Striped Dress Size Small $7

3/28/13 Purchase added to this months budget
Lauren Conrad Ivory Blouse Size Small $6
Lauren Conrad Black and Floral Blouse Size Small $6
Mudd Sandals Size 7/8 $5

3/30/13 Purchase added to this months budget
Eyelash lace back tank size Small in yellow and in coral $7 each
Mudd Tribal platform sandals Size 8.5 $12.50
Hello Kitty cupcake tank size small $6
Candie's Ivory Lace Cami size small $3

3/30/13 Purchase added to this months budget
Freeze Skull Lace Tank Size Small $6
Ultra flirt coral shirt dress size small $11.50
Rewind polka dot bow back shirt size small $8
Rewind coral chiffon top size small $7.50
Sonoma Navy and White striped tank size xsmall $3.50
Candie's Peach Lace cami size small $3

--------- Previous no longer added to this months budget

Kohls- Spent $2.89 on both because I had $20 Kohls cash (about $3)
Mudd floral shirt size medium (on clearance $8.80)
Rewind Sull chiffon blouse with studs size small($14.99 on sale)

Baroque Print Candies blouse size medium $6


Lily Rose Lace Dress size small $4

Kohls- Spent only $5.74 because I had a store credit for $7.57
Rewind polka dot blouse size small
So black and white striped racerback tank

Rewind ivory blouse size small $8

Lauren Conrad Gray and Black Batwing Top Size XS $2.50

Forever day recieved
2 lace crop tops in neon coral and black size small $7.50 each
Forever 21
coral maxi skirt $14
floral dress $13
Black sandals $9
Cropped floral tank $9
So boat shorts size 3 $9 (these run big, I am usually a 5 in So)
Forever 21 Sheer Blouse Size Small $15
Forever 21 Striped Skirt Size XSmall $12

Forever 21
Denim Distressed Shorts Size 26 $18
Tribal Bandeau Size Medium $5
Tribal Leggings Size Small $10
Polkadot Crop Top Size Small $11
BCBG Fearless Bracelet $5
Tank Dress Size Small $6

Other items:
Ebay- Combat Boots $27 to replace my ones that are breaking
Ebay- OPI Tiffany Case Liquid Sand Nail Polish $7.50

Sunday, March 3, 2013

March Budget Blog

Budget Spent: $109

Budget Left: Amount Unknown

Days Left Until End Of Month: 18

March 2nd 2013:
SO Polkadot Denim Shirt Size Medium $12
Apt. 9 Neon Pink Flip Flops Size 7/8 $3

March 3rd 2013:
Kohls- I bought 4 things for $12.95, but two were for my mother and she gave me $6. So I tehnically got these two items for around $7
Tek Gear Neon Coral Hoodie Size XS
I have been wanting this hoodie since we got them in, but I did not want to pay $14.99 for something I don't really need, so I waited:)
Elle Medium Wash Jeggings Size 4
I got these because I have the same ones in dark wash and love them.

Arizona Mint Swim Bottoms $5
Star Print Shorts- $5 with $10 off coupon

March 4th 2013:
Brown Heeled Boots Size 9 $10
D'Closet Owl Blouse Size M $10

March 5th 2013:
Cotton On-
Olive Shorts Size 8, but US Size 4/26 $5 I have been looking for a new pair of olive shorts because my old ones do not quite fit me. This purchase was made online this was the day I received it not the day purchased.

March 9th 2013:
Elle Shorts Size 2 $5
Lauren Conrad Floral Blouse Size Small $7
Lauren Conrad Red Blouse Size Small $7
Mudd Floral Leggings Size Small $3

March 12th 2013:
Forever 21-
Mint Bandeau Size Large $4
Mint Sleeveless Blouse Size Small $11
Red and White Striped Tank Size Small $5

March 15th 2013:
So Lace Shirts in Coral and Mint both size small $5.75 I had a $10 off coupon and paid for the rest with a store credit.

March 16th 2013:
Lauren Conrad Blazer Size 4- $7.57 I used a store credit to buy it, that I had from a return I made.

Friday, February 1, 2013

February Budget Blog

Last month I did extend my budget due to the multiple semi annual sales that I wanted to go to. This month I am staying at $150 and hopefully will work my way back down. I find it difficult because now all the winter clothes are going on major sales. Most of my purchases will be from Kohl's because we are now marking all our winter items clearance. It is a huge amount of clearance.

Budget Spent: $146

Budget Left: $4

Days Left Until End Of Month: 5

February 4th 2013: 

Sonoma mint button up hoodie jacket size small $7.50
So black riding boots size 9 $23
Rock & Republic studded moto boots size 9 $17
Lauren Conrad fringe suede boots size 8.5 $15.50

February 6th 2013:
Eyelash cobalt blue peplum top size small $4
Eyelash black peplum top size medium $4

February 8th 2013:
Maidenform Slip size large $3 I bought this because I needed a slip, and since its one that,s a tummy control it was not too lose even though it is a large. It won't do anything for me, but I only need it as a slip.
Mudd Black Cotton/Twill Blazer size Medium $7 I sold a blazer that I owned before because it was just too big. This fits pretty well and is not too dressy, which I like. I don't want to look like I am going to the office if I am not.

February 9th 2013:
LC Lauren Conrad size 2 floral dress $19 I usually only buy things on super good sale or clearance, but I have been looking at this dress for 3 months. I finally tried it on yesterday and decided to put it back because of the price. I could not stop thinking about it, because it was a perfect fit and length for me. So I had to go back and buy it. It is original price $60 and was on sale for $30.
Speechless Pink bralet size medium $4
Rose gold watch $4.50 I have been wanting a rose gold watch for a while, but I did not want to spend a lot. We had a lot of watches on clearance for $5.99 each, great deal.

February 10th 2013:
Levi's size 5 denim skinnies $13.80 (only paid $2.90 because I had a $10 kohl's cash)
I had these on hold because the kohl's cash did not start until today.

February 15th 2013:
So cobalt blue skinny jeans $6 size 5

February 16th 2013:
Vertical Stripes Chiffon Pink/Nude Top size medium $10.50

February 17th 2013:
LC Lauren Conrad Off-white blouse with black lace size medium $5.50
Even though this is two sizes too big because it is a misses medium and I wear a xsmall, I think it looks great oversized and the larger size is long enough to cover my butt and crotch area so I  can wear it with leggings and feel comfortable.
SO Pink Skinny Jeans size 7 $6

February 19th 2013:
Nautical anchor shirt $6