Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Clothing Count Update for July 2013

It has been 10 months since I started my budget. Even though I have not kept it every month, I am curious to see if I am any closer to my clothing goal. I first made this count back in November 2012 so it has been 8 months since I made this list and my goals.

*=goal has been met

Beginning/ Current/ Goal

Tank tops: 60/39/40*
(undershirts only)

Tank tops: 40/36/30

Croptops/ Bralets: I had no goal set for this category. 2/11

Short Sleeve: 18/9/10*  8/5/8*
(basics/graphic tees)

Short Sleeve Tops: 21/16/20*

Long Sleeve Button up Shirts: 12/20/10 (inaccurate because originally I only counted my sheer ones, in this one I added 5 other shirts) So the real count would be 12/15/10

Long Sleeve Shirts: 13/8/10*

Sweaters/ Heavy Shirts: 11/6/8*

Work Tops/Pants:  22/6/15*   10/9/8
(specific clothing I will only wear for work)

Skirts: 15/18/10

Long Bottoms: 19/24/15   3/2/3*
(Jeans/ Other)

Capris: 6/3/4*

Shorts: 32/31/20

Sweatpants/ Sweatshorts: 6/6/6*

Cardigans/ Coverups/ Vests: 28/23/20

Jackets: 9/10/8

Dresses: 12/14/12

Leggings: 4/7/4 (2 are backup black leggings, not being worn until my first ones rip)

Hoodies: 9/8/8*

It is nice to see that I am close to or made most of my goals, even with my excessive spending.

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