Tuesday, September 18, 2012

September Budget Blog

Hey everyone here are my purchases for September, including my thoughts on the purchases I have made. My currently weekly budget on clothing, shoes, makeup and other items that are not food,gas, or bills is $25 and I hope to decrease it over time. So that makes my monthly budget around $110. 

Budget Spent: $110.66

Budget Left: - .66 BOO not too much over but still over!

Days Left Until End of Month: Nothing else can be purchased this month.

September 1st 2012: Target- pink and white striped bathingsuit bottoms- $4.75 went into target to find a backpack I saw online (sold out :() and of course horrible me checked out the clothing. I love getting inexpensive bathingsuit pieces to mix and match. 

September 2nd 2012: Ebay- denim vest- $16 been wanting one for a while, saw a few at some stores but this was by far the least expensive.

 Fits perfect I was surprised. It is from China and marked XL but I am a small and it fits me. Their sizing is very odd. The measurements given had me under the impression I wouldn't be able to button it, which I was fine with because I planned on wearing it open but I can button it and it looks great for the price I paid:)

September 3rd 2012: Forever 21.com- Sheer black blouse $14.63...dang forever 21 with their labor day free shipping, lol. But I have been looking for a black sheer blouse for a while.
 looks super cute on:)

September 6th 2012: Kohls- Polka dot top $3.75...a shirt I've wanted previously but it was too expensive and then it went on clearance, lol.

September 9th 2012: Bath n Body Works- 2 Candle Sleeves(one is my boyfriends and he got me a candle)- $10.60

September 13th 2012: Pacific Sunwear (PacSun)- 1 bathing suit top $4.99, 1 Short Sleeved shirt $2.50, and 1 tank $4.99. I normally don't shop here because it can be quite expensive, but I was at the mall (not a good idea for me, but I wanted Taco Bell and that is the closest one) and I've found some items I liked in their clearance before so I checked it out. I found some awesome deals. Many other things I did like but they were not in my size. They had tons of swim suit separates on sale for $4.99 no matter what they were marked. All the sizes left were L and XL luckily the top I got in a large fits great I usually wear small or medium bottoms so I have to mix and match with existing pieces.
Super cute bikini top and matches great with black bottoms, has a bra like fit so it is very flattering. I usually get m or l in swim suit tops and I got this in a large and it fits great. The Brand is Black Poppy, original price $24.50 marked down to $16.99 then all swim suit separates were $4.99. And I can go swimming 85% of the year so I can never have too many swim suits.  

This shirt is so soft, same with the tank top. Super cute and simple and I love the back cutouts they are sexy but still classy. It is a chevron type print which is very trendy at the moment and it is in great colors that can still be worn threw fall if paired the right way. Its an off white pocket tee with coral, orange and navy stripes. I fell in love with this top and I was so surprised that it rang up less than I expected. This one is an XS but is oversized so fits big even though I wear a small/ medium. The brand is Kirra and original price was $19.50, marked down to $9.99 and all redlined items were half off so I thought this would be $4.99 but it rang up $2.49 a definite steal I could not pass up.

Usually if something is far from my size I usually won't even try it on, except at thrift stores. But I loved this wolf Indian style top. I don't own anything with a wolf on it and I think they are beautiful animals. So I had to try this on even though it is an xl. This shirt fits like a dress but i've been looking for cute long tanks to wear this bandeaus and leggings. The armpit hole sags really low so I'm not sure if i'd be daring enough to just rock a bandeau underneath I may wear a tank. I do have a longer bandeau that may work. This shirt is not too wide for me even though it is a few sizes larger than my usual. This will even look great with the front tucked into skinny jeans and with riding boots:) Can't wait till it starts getting cooler around here. Usually hits the 70s around October lol. The brand for this is Kirra as well and the original price was $24.50, marked down to $18.99, marked down again to $9.99 and then redlined making it half off at $4.99, great deal for a tank like this.

September 15th 2012: Kohls- hello kitty pj bottoms- $5.62

September 17th 2012: Burlington Coat Factory- Poof Excellence black and coral striped short sleeved sweater- $6.34
Looks great on:) Great for the price I bought it mainly to wear to work because it is a bit chilly at my job but I don't like wearing long sleeves to work.

September 18th 2012: Ebay- Floral bodycon skirt - $11.99 I tried on a floral body con navy skirt with polka dots at aeropostale and I really liked it but the xs was a bit snug and the m was too big and they did not have a small. I found this one online that I liked more and is a bit longer. I prefer black, white and pink. 

This is just the model image.

September 20th 2012: Kohls- So Thermal Three Button Hoodie- $8.82
Looks better on because it is form fitting, but it is cotton and stretchy so it is not suffocating which I find some hooded shirts to feel like. I don't really own any hooded shirts so I thought I'd branch out a bit. This color combinations is one of my favorites. I have a v neck sweater from forever 21 with a navy and dark pink/red stripes and it looks great as well. I figured it be great for days where I don't really need a jacket but if my hands get cold or it rains I can still have that extra coverage. They had this in a few solid colors, but this was the only striped color I saw. It reminded me of something from Hollister or Victoria's Secret. 

September 23rd 2012: Kohls- Rewind dress- $5.18 
Great deal for this dress on the clearance rack. I don't buy many dresses but I have wanted this for a while. Back when they had my size it was $14.99-$17.99. I searched the clearance racks while I was actually shopping and all I found was 2 larges. While working I found this in a different department in  medium. Still a little big but it's okay because a medium is long enough since this is a short dress.:)

September 26th 2012: Alloy.com- White swimsuit top- $7.94 I've been looking for a top to go with the white and pink striped bottoms that I purchased from Target. This plain white one would go great. I have ordered from Alloy.com before, I ordered my coral skinny jeans. They ship pretty quickly with no hassles. They have a coupon code good till Friday 9/28 (APOLOGY) You get free shipping on any purchase, because their site was down for a bit. I am not sent anything free from this company, this is just a code I received as a normal customer. 

September 27th 2012: Rue 21- 2 pairs of yoga shorts- $2.12 They were that inexpensive because my boyfriend got me a shirt for $4 but it was too big and they did not have a smaller size so they had a bunch of yoga shorts for $3 and I found two cute ones and it only cost me the extra $2.12 Unfortunately this brings me a few cents over budget this month. I am lowering my budget for next month so it will be more difficult.

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