Sunday, May 13, 2012


Hey everyone! I know I haven't posted a blog post in a while so here is some hauling damage lol. Corresponding video will be up soon showing them on me as well. I went to a mall I haven't been to in almost 2 years and its pretty far but I had to go to H & M. I got all these items for around $100 bucks which is not too bad. I also went with a list of items I was looking for to make my shopping less compulsive and it did help quite a bit. I hope you enjoy these pictures:) Happy Shopping fellow Shopaholics! lol

(Store): (Brand): (Item): (Size): (Price)

Sears: True Freedom: Medium Wash 3/4 sleeve Denim Jacket (Light Weight): Small: $28.99

Forever 21: Tomato Blouse (Looks Coral to me): 4: $12.80

Forever 21: Cut out shoulder feather top: Small: $10.80

H & M: Sleeveless Blouse Shirts, Black, Coral/Pink, Ivory: Small: $4.95 each Originally $9.95 each

H & M: Divided: Ivory Blouse Sheer-ish: 4: $12.95

H & M: Rose gold braided belt (looks gold in picture): XS: $5.95

Aeropostale: Light Teal and Dark Lilac Bra Shelf Camisoles: Medium: $3.99 each Originally $18.90 each

Kohls: Lauren Conrad: Bird Tank: XS: $14.40 Originally $36


  1. I'm in love with Lauren Conrad's line at Kohls. I love it even more when it's on sale lol

    1. Yeah I always get her things on clearance:) I found some amazing deals since I work there and see them all the time, lol.