Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Gifts:)

My Boyfriend got me these roses:) So pretty. I'm not really into the conventional red rose.
This is my first real Valentine's Day so he got me a whole dozen:)
 I normally would not expect so much.

 My favorite wild animal is a baby harp seal. So he got me this plush:) It is superrrrrr adorable!

Awesome chocolates:) I almost finished the whole bag.

 Lastly NO THIS IS NOT AN ENGAGEMENT RING. My boyfriend and I exchanged promise rings, because on Feb 13th we hit 9 months in our relationship. That would be one month longer than either of us have been in a relationship prior to this. It may look like my finger is smooshed lol but it fits great. I got a tiny finger, size 4, lol.


  1. I hope you let him pump you full of cum for giving you the ring.

  2. What a disgusting comment, just cause he gave her a ring doesn't mean he can ejaculate inside of her.