Saturday, December 1, 2012

December Budget Blog

Well I failed last month at maintaining my budget. All the sales (black friday, holiday sales etc.) are just too tempting. I may not keep budget this month too but once the holidays are over it should be easier. I'm going to set my budget at $100 again because I hope to keep to that. I can no longer add pictures of the items, sorry. All items will be shown in my monthly hauls.

Budget Spent: $99.51

Budget Left: $.49

Days Left Until End of Month:1

December 2nd 2012: Forever 21- Black Leather Vest $13.82, Green/Black Gingham Flannel $15.72, Burgundy Basic Scoop Neck Long Sleeve Top $6.80. Total: $38.52 I had a 21% off coupon good only today, for some reason it did not work on the basic shirt but it worked on the others. It saved me around $8.

December 8th 2012: Kohls- Candie's Khaki Linen Shorts Size 5 $1.73 crazy deal could not pass it up.

December 9th 2012: Sears- Bongo Shoe Booties in Black Size 8.5 $21.19 I saw these in the ad for $19.99 and knew I had to have them. They are like a mix between a sneaker, combat boot, and a wedge. I'm not a huge fan of the ones that look like sneakers, but these are great. They are super comfortable too. I wore them a few hours with no pain. They are also easy to walk in.

December 15th 2012: Kohls- Lily Rose Floral Bodycon Skirt Size Medium $1.14, So Star Print Sweater Size Small $9.46
Could not pass up on the skirt. The sweater I've wanted for a while but passed on because it was $25. Once they went down in price the one I wanted sold out. So finally we got more in, in my size and on sale for $14.99. It is the warmest sweater I own. I only have two or three actual sweaters including this one because I live in South Florida.

---haul was filmed already so stuff after this line will be featured in my January haul even though it is towards this months budget.

December 20th 2012: Kohls- So Cropped Navy Lace Top Size Medium-  $1.60
The shirt was really cheap and cute as well.

December 27th 2012: Forever 21- I want Coffee Nightdress $10.80 Size S, Midtone Brown waist belt Size XS/S $3.80, Dark brown waist belt size S $.99 on clearance. I had $14.63 from an item I returned that I bought with Hanukkah money so this technically cost me $1.90 out of pocket. I really wanted the nightdress prior because I saw it online but wanted to try it on in store for length. Last time they did not have it but this time they did. 

Bath & Body Works- These are prices before my $10 off of $30 coupon. Body Lotions ($3 per) Butterfly Flower, P.S. I love you, and Vanilla Tini all 8 FL oz. Shower gel- Strawberry Sparkler $3, 2 Warm Vanilla Sugar $5.50 each all 10 FL oz. Candy Cane Bliss Hand Soap $3 (8 fl oz.), Vanilla Bean Noel Foaming hand soap $3 (8.75 fl oz.) Paris Amour Hand Sanitizer $1.50 (1 fl oz.) I usually don't go to bath and body works semi annual sale, but I really wanted some nice smelling shower gels and hand soaps and I already liked their lotions. They were such a good deal with the coupon and sale. $21.73 for all.

December 29th 2012: Kohls- Lauren Conrad Red Jeggings Size 4: $2.24 Awesome deal and these pants are so soft it is crazy. They have been floating around the store for a while, but they were not super marked down yet. The tag said $8.80, but they were actually $4.40 (90% off...). All our clearance currently is an extra 25% off as well. So before my coupon and associate discount these pants were $3.30. I could not pass them up. I am so glad they fit and are comfortable. 

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