Monday, December 31, 2012

January Budget Blog

Last month I did actually go over budget but I am counting the purchases towards this month. They were made at the end of the month because of semi annual sales. I'm setting my budget a bit higher to $150 because of all the semi annual sales this month. The ones I will be going to are Bath & Body Works, Yankee Candle, & Victoria's Secret. I can no longer add pictures of the items, sorry. All items will be shown in my monthly hauls.

Budget Spent: $139.01

Budget Left: $10.99

Days Left Until End of Month:25

December 28th, 2012: Bath & Body Works- $16.29 total
$3 Antibacterial Soap in Fresh Picked Strawberries 8 FL oz
$3 Secret Wonderland Bubble Bath 10 FL oz
$3.12 Love Love Love Triple Moisture Body Cream 8 oz
$1.25 Twilight Woods Body Lotion 3 FL oz
$1.50 Warm Vanilla Sugar Fragrance Mist 3 fl oz
$3.50 Paris Amour Fragrance Mist 2.5 fl oz 
Had to pick up more items from the semi annual sale. This was a different bath and body works.
Yankee Candle- $21.16 total
$13.99 White chocolate mint large jar candle 22 oz
$.99 Sparkling Snow Votive Sampler 1.75oz
$.99 Over the River Votive Sampler 1.75oz
$.99 Whoopie Pie Votive Sampler 1.75oz
$.75 each X4 Candy Corn Car Fresheners 
Did not pick up as much as I usually do because Kohls(where I work) Had a lot of fall and winter scents on clearance cheap, plus my discount. It is not worth getting at Yankee for me, but we did not have any minty chocolate scents so I got that at Yankee Candle.

December 29th, 2012: Kohls- these prices include my discounts and tax. $35.53 total
$7.79 Rock & Republic Studded Shorts Size 4 these were originally $72 and I have been waiting forever to buy them. Glad the 4 fits.
$3.66 Yankee Candle Absolutely Autumn 7 oz candle
$5.84 x2 Yankee Candle Absolutely Autumn 19 oz candles
$6.20 x2 Yankee Candle Christmas Cookie 19 oz candles
I probably will not be buying anymore candles for a while or lotions/bath products. The only other semi annual sale I want to go to is Victoria's Secret to get 1-2 new bras, which I do every semi annual sale.

January 1st, 2013: Target- Mossimo Mint Waffle Long Sleeve Shirt Size M $7.02

January 2nd, 2013: Victoria's Secret- Pink Bra $15.99
Old Navy- Baseball tee 3/4 length sleeves White with Gray Sleeves $2.99, Reusable Coffee Cup 16oz $3.99, Total: $7.40

January 3rd, 2013: Kohl's- Total: $10.56 (I had a $3.58 return, so I used towards this purchase)
These items are all clearance and right now clearance is an extra 25% off.
So Navy and White Striped Sweater Size M- $5.27
Lauren Conrad Mint Lace Button up Dress Size 4- $8.64

January 6th, 2013: Bath & Body Works- Total: $9.28
$3 Sweet Pea anti-bacterial deep cleansing hand soap 8 fl oz
$3 Warm Vanilla Sugar anti-bacterial deep cleansing hand soap 8 fl oz
$2.75 Sweet On Paris body lotion 8 fl oz

January 9th, 2013: Target- Merona Medium wash denim button up shirt Size XS- $14.81
I did not plan on buying this but it fit perfect. I do have two other denim shirts that I find I don't reach for because one is too big the other is too small in the sleeves. So I will be replacing those 2 with this one. It is also between the two washes I currently have.

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