Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Forever 21 Haul

A pretty big haul from Forever 21 totally $91.80 before tax. Hopefully this will be my last big haul, minus my e.l.f. one coming up in a week or so. I'm trying to be more cautious about my spending and also there is something I want to save up for. I'm looking into possibly getting hair extensions, but I am not 100% sure yet. Either way I ran out of space 2-3 storage cases ago lol, so I'd have to do major cleaning if I want to buy much of anything.

Here we go:)
Stretch knit shorts in gray: $3.80
I have a pair currently in navy and they are great to wear under skirts or dresses and also to exercise in.

Fishnet socks: $3.80

Sunglasses: Peach and Gray $1.50 each
Great price:)
Lace Headbands: Cream and Mint Set $2.50

Lace Headbands: Cream and Peach Set $2.50

Lace Headbands: Blue(looks super light but it's more of a sky blue) and Black Set $2.50

Floral hair pins: Cream and Black $1.50 each

Mesh Flower Clips: Peach(looks hot pink) and Gray Set $2.50
Teal and Taupe set $2.50
Floral clips are perfect for spring and summer
and they don't mess up your hair:)
Bow Set: $2.80 Cream, Pink, and Black
 Rose Set: White, Mint, and Peach 1.50

(left to right row 1) Cream Floral Earrings: $1.50, Pink pearlish earrings: $1.50,
 Flower rose stud earrings: 2.80
(left to right row 2) Owl earrings: $1.50 Black flowers with pearl center: $1.50

Floral hoops: $2.80 Peacock Hoops: $2.80

Feather earrings: black and brown $1.50 each
For some reason the brown feather is a lot slimmer.

Teardrop Shell Earrings: $1.50

Teal(a little lighter than the other one) drop earrings: $1.50 
Teal stone and leaf earrings $1.50
Feather necklace: $3.80 The knot is suppose to be there. 
It only looks strange because I undid the original knot thinking
that it was not suppose to be there, until I undid it and saw the feathers
were no longer connected, lol.

Owl watch/clock necklace: $2.80 
It's soooo super adorable, I love owl jewelry 
The watch/clock part is not real

Camera Necklace: $3.80

Anchor necklace: $1.50 

Feminine Charm necklace: $1.50
This necklace is very beautiful and delicate, one of my favorite inexpensive purchases

Cream flower necklace: $1.50

Love necklace: $1.50

Pink guitar necklace: $1.50

I <3 necklace: $1.50

Cupcake necklace:$1.50
Leaf necklace: $1.50

Rose cutout necklace: $1.50

Cell phone necklace: $1.50

Flower ring: $1.50

Ram ring: $3.80
Very nice detail in this piece

Forever 21 definitely has amazing inexpensive jewelry. About 80% of my collection is from there, maybe more, lol. I just can't help myself.


  1. great style and choice of hair accessories & jewelry!

  2. :) Thanks. They have super cute stuff.

  3. Are you selling this stuff?