Monday, December 19, 2011

Thrifting Finds 12.19.11

Hey everyone!
I went to my local Goodwill today, it has been a while so I figured I would stop by. They had some nice pieces I found I wanted to share. I originally went to look for a blazer but there were not any that appealed to me. Check out your local thrift store, you can definitely find some nice pieces for a great price.

Leather belt with animals on it- $1.69

Taupe belt- $1.69

Yom Yom Coral Capris Sz 5/27- $3.99

Old Navy Coral Crochet Tunic Sz S- $3.89

One Star Lace Tank Sz S- $1.95

Hollister Brown Top Sz Unknown- $1.95

Eyeshadow Stripped Tank Sz S- $3.89

Intuitions Red Top Size M- $3.89

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