Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Clothing Count April 2016

 I have not done one of these on my blog in a while, but here is my current count. I have been purging monthly for the last year or so. Sadly my amount could be less, but I have to cut out the shopping. Going forward I can only buy what I feel I need in my wardrobe and if I buy something else it has to be to replace something I have. One thing I feel I need is another pair of black work pants, I just donated a pair that shrunk and I use black pants often, so that is something I can bring in. I got rid of my denim jacket that does not fit, because I am in search of a new one. Sometimes holding onto items to replace them is not a good idea, make a list and chuck the old item. You don't want to fill your wardrobe with things that do not fit, do not flatter, or do not work with your other items. The * next to an item means I have reached my goal or am under it, which means if I wanted to I could add something to that category, does not mean I need to though. This also does not mean I will 100% stop shopping, but I will be a lot more cautious with my purchases.

Clothing- Overall Items: 141 (undershirts, exercise, pjs, swimsuits, undergarments not included)
Tank Tops 32  (goal: 20)
*Short Sleeve/Graphic Tops/Basic Tops 6 (goal: 10)
Long Sleeve/Sweaters 17  (goal: 15)
*Work Pants/Other Pants 10  (goal: 10)
*Jeans 9 (goal:10)
Skirts 7 (goal: 5)
*Dresses 7 (goal: 10)
*Shorts 10 (goal:10)
Cardigans/Vests 17  (goal:10)
*Jackets 5 (goal: 5)
*Hoodies 3 (goal: 3)
*Crop Tops/Bralets 11 (includes ones in dresser)
*Leggings 5  (goal: 5)
*Sweatpants 2

Shoes- Overall 28 (Goal: 20) slippers not included- 1 pair
Sandals 9
Sneakers 2
Flat Shoes 2
Boots 11
Wedges 1
Heels 3

Nail Polish- Overall 45   (Goal: 30)
Neutral 7
Peach, Coral, Nude & Golds 7
Pinks & Reds 11
Purple 5
Blues 5
Teals & Greens 10

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