Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Luxy Hair Extensions Dirty Blonde

Video is on my youtube:)


I know I went picture crazy, lol. But I LOVE them:)

I just got them layered, here is a few more pictures.


  1. Hi, I'm thinking buy own Foxy locks. It's almost four month when you got yours. Is the hair still so soft and silky? I'm just wondering. Thanks if you answer. : )

  2. I got Luxy Hair Extensions they may not be the same quality. My extensions are still soft. I had them layered. I dyed them once. And I have washed them 2-3 times. I haven't worn them much because it is too hot outside. Once it is fall I plan on wearing them again.

  3. you're prettttyyyy! remind me of hannah from pretty little liars. i have light brown hair and ordered the dark brown. i love dark hair on me but do you think its stupid to dye my hair to my extensions? sorry if thats a weird question. have a good thanksgiving;)