Sunday, June 19, 2011

Updated Nail Polish Collection as of June 2011

Pictures of my nail polish, swatches and the containers I store them in.

Black Nail Polishes
Nail Polishes from left to right: 
ROW 1 E.l.f.: Metal Madness, Sinful Colors: Secret Admirer, Revlon Top Speed: Black Star, 
ROW 2 N.Y.C.: Black Lace Creme, and OPI mini: name unknown.

 Storage for my blue and purple nail polishes.

Blue Nail Polishes
Nail Polishes from left to right:
ROW 1 Pure Ice: A List, N.Y.C.: Cashmere Creme, China Glaze: Sea Spray, OPI: What's with the cattitude?, OPI: No Room for the Blues, Wet n Wild: Rain Check, Essie: Coat Azure, 
ROW 2 China Glaze: For Audrey, Sinful Colors: Savage, Sally Girl: no name, Wet n Wild: Bijou Blue, Sinful Colors: Why Not?, OPI: Sea? I Told You!, Sally Hansen: Calypso Blue, 
ROW 3 Ulta: Alter Ego, Forever 21: Blue(scented), N.Y.C.: Skin Tight Denim Creme, Sinful Colors: Midnight Blue, Sinful Colors: Hot Spot, Sinful Colors: What S Your Name?, E.l.f.: Dark Navy.

Brown Nail Polishes
Nail Polishes from left to right
ROW 1 Heaven: Mahogany, E.l.f: Chocolate, E.lf.: Smoky Brown, Sinful Colors: Nirvana, Revlon Top ROW 2 Speed: Stormy, N.Y.C.: Park Ave, China Glaze: Below Deck

Storage for my crackle nail polishes.

Crackle Nail Polishes
Nail Polishes from left to right:
ROW 1 China Glaze: Black Mesh, China Glaze: Lightening Bolts, China Glaze: Cracked Concrete, China Glaze: Crushed Candy, China Glaze: Broken Hearted, China Glaze: Fault Line,
ROW 2 Sally Hansen: Antiqued Gold, Sally Hansen: Distressed Denim, OPI: Silver Shatter

Glitter Nail Polishes
Nail Polishes from left to right:
N.Y.C.: Starry Silver Glitter, E.l.f.: Gold Goddess, Sinful Colors: Pink Glitter, Sinful Colors: Nail Junkie

Gold Nail Polishes
Nail Polishes from left to right:
ROW 1 E.l.f.: Blush, E.l.f.: Copper, Forever 21: Gold(scented),
ROW 2 Orly: Rage, Ulta: Lotsa Luxe

Green Nail Polishes
Nail Polishes from left to right:
ROW 1 Sinful Colors: Innocent, Revlon Top Speed: Jaded, E.l.f.: Mint Cream, Forever 21: Mint, Essie: Sew Psyched, 
ROW 2 Sinful Colors: Happy Ending, Sinful Colors : HD Nails, N.Y.C.: Big Money Frost, Sinful Colors: Mint Apple, Sinful Colors: Rise and Shine, 
ROW 3 E.l.f.: Teal Blue, Sinful Colors: Gorgeous, Sinful Colors: Last Chance

Nude Nail Polishes
Nail Polishes from left to right:
ROW 1 Sinful Colors: Social Ladder, Ulta: Babydoll, E.l.f.: Innocent, Ulta: Freshwater Pearl, Loreal: Sand Castle
ROW 2 E.l.f.: Desert Haze, Forever 21: Taupe, Forever 21: Taupe, Forever 21: Mauve, OPI: Barefoot in Barcelona

Orange Nail Polishes
Nail Polishes from left to right:
ROW 1 Forever 21: Peach(scented), Wet n Wild: Blazed, Sinful Colors: Hazard,
ROW 2 OPI mini: name unknown, N.Y.C.: Time Square Tangerine Creme, Unknown

Storage for my Yellow, Orange, Pink and Green Nail Polishes.

Pink Nail Polishes:
Nail Polishes from left to right:
ROW 1 Wet n Wild: Sparked, Sinful Colors: Glass Pink, Essie: French Affair, Wet n Wild: Tickled Pink, Revlon Top Speed: Pink Lingerie, 
ROW 2 Sinful Colors: Soul Mater, Sinful Colors: Vacation Time, E.l.f.: Coral, E.l.f.: Gum Pink, Sinful Colors: Pink Forever, 
ROW 3 Forever 21: Bubble Gum(Scented), Sally Hansen: Ruby Sequins, Wet n Wild: Dreamy Poppy, Sinful Colors: 24/7

Purple Nail Polishes
Nail Polishes from left to right:
ROW 1 Essie: Lilacism, OPI: Rumples Wiggin', E.l.f.: Lilac, Forever 21: Lavender, Forever 21: Orchid, Pure Ice: New Lilac, Sinful Colors: Purple Diamond,
ROW 2 Wet n Wild: Wild Card/ Invitation, E.l.f.: Mod Mauve, E.l.f.: Punk Purple, Revlon Top Speed: Violet, E.l.f.: Purple Dream, Sally Girl: name unknown, Revlon Top Speed: Sugar Plum
ROW 3 Revlon: Perplex, Sinful Colors: Fiji, E.l.f.: Party Purple, OPI: Merry Midnight, Forever 21: Wine, Revlon Top Speed: Grape, Ulta: Devious,
ROW 4 Forever 21: Dark Purple, E.l.f.: Royal Purple, E.l.f.: Plum, E.l.f.: Dark Glitter Purple, Sinful Colors: I Love You, OPI: Linken Park After Dark

Red Nail Polishes
Nail Polishes from left to right: 
ROW 1 Sinful Colors: Dancing Nails, Elizabeth Arden: Perfect Red, E.l.f.: Fuchsia, Ulta: Razzberry
ROW 2 Revlon Top Speed: Vintage, N.Y.C.: Downtown, E.l.f.: Cranberry, E.l.f.: Dark Red

Silver and Gray Nail Polishes
Nail Polishes from left to right:
ROW 1 Sinful Colors: Out of this World, Pure Ice: Silver Mercedes, China Glaze: Pelican Gray, 
ROW 2 Pure Ice: Kiss Me Here, Ulta: Smoke Screen

Yellow and Orange Swatches

1 Sinful Colors- Unicorn
2 Claire’s- Shimmery Yellow
3 Sally Hansen- Mellow Yellow
4 Forever 21- Scented Peach
5 Wet n Wild- Blazed
6 Sinful Colors- Hazard
7 Brand Unknown- Frosty Orange
8 OPI- Mini Orange
9 N.Y.C.- Time Square Tangerine Crème

White and Nude Swatches

 19 Wet n Wild- French White Crème
20 E.l.f.- Pearl
21 Essie- Ballet Slippers
22 Sinful Colors- Social Ladder
23 E.l.f.- Moonlight
24 E.l.f.- Desert Haze
25 Ulta- Babydoll
26 E.l.f.- Innocent
27 Forever 21- Taupe 84650326011
28 Forever 21- Taupe 00012226011
29 Ulta- Freshwater Pearl
30 Loreal- Sand Castle
31 Forever 21- Mauve
32 OPI- Barefoot in Barcelona

Gold, Silver, Gray, and Black Swatches

37 Ulta- Lotsa Luxe
38 Forever 21- Gold Caramel Scented
39 E.l.f.- Blush
40 E.l.f.- Copper
41 Orly- Rage
42 Sinful Colors- Out of this World
43 Pure Ice- Silver Mercedes
44 China Glaze- Pelican Gray
45 Pure Ice- Kiss Me Here
46 Ulta- Smoke Screen
47 E.l.f.- Metal Madness
48 Revlon Top Speed- Black Star
49 N.Y.C.- Black Lace Crème
50 OPI- Mini Black
51 Sinful Colors- Secret Admirer

Brown and Red Swatches

55 Heaven- Mahogany
56 E.l.f.- Chocolate
57 Revlon Top Speed- Stormy
58 N.Y.C.- Park Avenue
59 China Glaze- Below Deck
60 Sinful- Nirvana
61 E.l.f.- Smoky Brown
62 Sinful Colors- Dancing Nails
63 Elizabeth Arden- Perfect Red
64 E.l.f.- Fuchsia
65 Ulta- Razzberry
66 Revlon Top Speed- Vintage
67 N.Y.C.- Downtown
68 E.l.f.- Cranberry
69 E.l.f.- Dark Red

Pink Swatches

73 Sinful Colors- Glass Pink
74 Essie- French Affair
75 Revlon Top Speed- Pink Lingerie
76 Sinful Colors- Soul Mate
77 Sinful Colors- Vacation Time
78 E.l.f.- Coral
79 Wet n Wild- Sparked
80 Sinful Colors- Pink Forever
81 E.l.f.- Gum Pink
82 Sally Hansen- Ruby Sequins
83 Forever 21- Bubble Gum Scented
84 Wet n Wild- Dreamy Poppy
85 Sinful Colors- 24/7

Green Swatches

91 Sinful Colors- Innocent
92 Revlon Top Speed- Jaded
93 E.l.f.- Mint Cream
94 Forever 21- Mint
95 Sinful Colors- Mint Apple
96 Essie- Sew Psyched
97 Sinful Colors- Happy Ending
98 N.Y.C.- Big Money Frost
99 Sinful Colors- HD Nails
100 E.l.f.- Teal Blue
101 Sinful Colors- Rise and Shine
102 Sinful Colors- Gorgeous
103 Sinful Colors- Last Chance

Blue Swatches

109 Pure Ice- A List
110 China Glaze- Sea Spray
111 N.Y.C.- Cashmere Crème
112 OPI- What’s with the Cattitude?
113 China Glaze- For Audrey
114 Wet n Wild- Rain Check
115 Essie- Coat Azure
116 Sinful Colors- Savage(Matte)
117 Sally Girl- Teal
118 Ulta- Alter Ego
119 OPI- No Room For The Blues
120 OPI- Sea?I Told You!
121 Sinful Colors- Why Not
122 Sally Hansen- Calypso Blue
123Wet n Wild- Bijou Blue
124 Forever 21- Blue Blueberry Scented
125 Sinful Colors- Midnight Blue
126 N.Y.C.- Skin Tight Denim Crème

Purple Swatches

127 Essie- Lilacism
128 OPI- Rumples Wiggin
129 E.l.f.- Lilac
130 Forever 21- Lavender
131 Forever 21- Orchid
132 Pure Ice- New Lilac
133 Revlon- Perplex
134 Sinful Colors- Purple Diamond
135 Revlon Top Speed- Violet
136 Wet n Wild- Wild Card/Invitation
137 E.l.f.- Purple Dream
138 Sally Girl- Purple
139 Revlon Top Speed- Grape
140 Sinful Colors- Fiji
141 E.l.f.- Royal Purple
142 Sinful Colors- I Love You
143 E.l.f.- Mod Mauve
144 E.l.f.- Punk Purple

Dark Purple and Dark Blue Swatches

145 Revlon Top Speed- Sugar Plum
146 Forever 21- Wine
147 E.l.f.- Plum
148 E.l.f.- Party Purple
149 E.l.f.- Dark Glitter Purple
150 Ulta- Devious
151 Forever 21- Dark Purple
152 OPI- Merry Midnight
153 OPI- Linkin Park After Dark
154 Sinful Colors- Hot Spot
155 Sinful Colors- What S Your Name?
156 E.l.f.- Dark Navy

Crackle and Glitter Swatches

163 China Glaze- Black Mesh
164 China Glaze- Cracked Concrete
165 Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat- Antiqued Gold
166 OPI- Silver Shatter
167 China Glaze- Lightening Bolt
168 China Glaze- Crushed Candy
169 China Glaze- Broken Hearted
171 China Glaze- Fault Line
172 Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat- Distressed Denim
173 Sinful Colors- Pink Glitter WITH Sinful Colors- Pink Forever Base
174 Sinful Colors- Nail Junkie WITH Sinful Colors- Rise and Shine Base
175 E.l.f.- Golden Goddess WITH Ulta- Lotsa Luxe Base
176 N.Y.C.- Starry Silver Glitter WITH Forever 21- Blue Base

Storage for Clear Coats, Nail Art Pens, White, Nude, Black, Silver, Gold, Gray, and Brown Nail Polishes

White Nail Polishes
Nail Polishes from left to right:
 Wet n Wild: French White Creme, E.l.f.: Pearl, Essie: Ballet Slippers, E.l.f.: Moonlight

Yellow Nail Polishes
Nail Polishes from left to right:
Sinful Colors: Unicorn, Claire's: name unknown, Sally Hansen: Mellow Yellow

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